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Friday, November 10, 2006

A Man's Gotta Do...

Outside of simply just taking some mental health time, the Mrs and I are re-painting the kitchen, which means all the prep stuff of washing the walls and greasy cupboard tops and taping first, in order to get at that "citron yellow" which I'm so looking forwards to , to pop our white cupboards and new stainless steel and black trim appliances. And at our ages, it goes slower than it would have once, back in the mist of time. Then there's the back, the hips and the knees.... :-) LOL.

Anyway, I 'm following things as much as possible , and keeping up with the chatter.

I've been around "The Cause" too long now to abandon it for long.

"I shall return". , as that old reactionary "imperialist" US General MacArthur said upon his retreat from the Phillipines. Back when the US Empire was still in its ascendancy, rather than already upon its downhill skids.

Peace 'n flowers. :-)


bear said...

Hey Coyote...!!

A Columbine...Awesome. One of my favorite wild flowers dude...

'Yote said: "I shall return". , as that old reactionary "imperialist"

Hummm, I didn't know he left, :-| but I am glad you and your gal are making time to do the at times seemingly menial, but actually very rewarding work. It's good for balance... I think it is well to never underestimate the power of a home, as it expresses who we are, and surrounds us with a lot of comfort. And hey Coyote, this sluggin’ type of work, can suuuure power up the mind with interesting thoughts and concepts. It is important to refill, or recharge as you say... I try to make a habit or it. :- )

The "chatter" is at times personally challenging, but that is what keeps me coming back. You’re an inspiration my friend and I am glad you are back... :- )

Peace n' flowers indeed, :-)


lynn said...

I love that photo of Coyote's, too...especially lovely to look at this time of year as everything is becoming a bit of a brown shade 'round here. ;-)

I like your comment on the importance of home, bear.... it definitely has its own kind of power in our lives as you aptly note. I love rescueing old items and pieces of furniture and re-finishing them in my own quirky way. A good way to spend an afternoon, I think.

Off to play in the outside now, trying to make the last fall bouquet of leaves for the fireplace. The big windstorm the other night just about took every maple leaf along with it... but there are still a brave few hugging the branches. I like huckleberry leaves as well especially as they turn red and yellow this time of year..and salal leaves too as some of them become a deep plummy wine red in the fall.

bear said...

Hi lynn,

Sounds like it is a weee greener there then here...burrr. I am waiting for it to warm just a bit before I go for a run with my dog.

The wind has been fierce on the west coast and other areas around B.C. So many changes in the weather... A leaf bouquet does sounds delightful, and worth the effort indeed. Good luck with it's construction sister... :-)

I may just have to brave the elements and head to my favorite trail for a run. It has many medicine plants on it, and because of the trees, it is still quite green there, and the smells are still available to my senses...

P & F, :-)