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Friday, March 11, 2011


In The Wings

Though I certainly cannot be considered a "military man" per se, as a problem child lad :-) I did spend some considerable time in and around the Canadian military as a cadet, army reservist, and regular navy. So I am not totally lacking in "lower decks" experience militarily. Plus, as a more or less "radical" left-wing political person especially, I have always been aware of the need to likewise be aware of what is going on there in the "enforcement arms" of the Canadian capitalist state . As part of which lifelong study, I have sought to further understand how it all works, and as a "kind of " nationalist as well as an "internationalist", concerned with the interests of my country no less than the world, I have evolved my own critique of the Canadian Military, and a view of what is needed there... in "the national interest".

Which subject I started today, as an article or two for Coyote Times, and which hopefully I can have up here for your reading and commenting pleasure, in a day or two. (Though damn! I'm going to have to make bread tomorrow morning. And I've started doing ground work with and riding my young paint horse, to get him ready for hopefully, a summer of backcountry riding.) Anyway, a couple of days for at least my first installment.

Love, Peace, and Revolution           


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