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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Name Change Notice

I still like the name The Peoples Voice, but it was drawn to my attention that it is a very widely used name, and the Communist Party of Canada uses it as their site and/or publication. Which is not a problem for me, but I certainly do not want to intrude upon someone else's identity turf. It's like New Democracy or Democratic Concept, which I briefly considered, or almost anything catchy with Democrat in it. The New Dems pretty much have a lock on that in this country. And I'd rather not be confused with them either, or offend them with indications of plagiarism.

But I decided, especially with The Peoples Voice, it was just too widely used out there, and already taken by folks I would not wish to offend, so I settled on Liberation Voice. It gets at that "democracy" issue which I think is so important, is not so widely claimed near to home upon doing a Google, and yet "Liberation", in my view, defines much of what folks such as us are really about, beneath all the layers of differences we can also have.

Maybe pass the name change on, would be seen as a favour by yours truly.

And I know, confusion is never good. I should have done a Google back at the beginning.


bear said...

Hey All,

Love the new name. "Liberation" is a very descriptive word. It makes me think of things like, freedom, not contrived, uncomformed, and just generally, freedom to be human, and live life in accordance to the "Natural Laws", not the human laws imo. This is NOT to say we are lawbreakers, but that we consider and think, before we believe and do. We consider ethics, morality, compassion for other living things, and just generally imo, we uphold harmony, respect and love for the earth and all her inhabitants above all...

Anyways, thanks for the rant time friends...

Peace Bro, and Sis's,


Lynn said...

I think the new name is a strong choice of name as well...even though I liked the meaning behind The People's Voice I was amazed when I googled it recently at how often it was being used to define various groups... so it may have proved to be confusing int he end.

Liberation Voice speaks to the idea of a free world and a free press. I like it. :-)

Coyote said...

Peter has had some difficulty getting back in since the name change, which we are trying to work through.

It shouldn't be a problem though. Only the homepage name has changed. The URL address remains exactly the same.

If anyone knows of others having problems, let me know.

BC Mary said...

I like it that you've moved shop to a place where I can get the door open, Coyote. I wish you good luck and a brave heart.

Lately, over at my blog, I've been tussling a lot with the concept of The Public Trust ... beginning to see it as an entity, similar to "the person" legal status of a Corporation,for example.

The reason I have been thinking so much about this, is that I began to see a CanWest story in terms where the Public Trust was absent. Seems Basi, Virk & Basi have a real, clear identity with legal rights; the lawyers have rights; the Judge has rights, the Crown has rights ... even "the government" grabbed some unjustified rights for itself.

But that big clumsy figure in the corner has no standing whatsoever. You know the guy: everyone calls him The Public Trust. He gets what (if anything) is left over, when (if ever) the others are finished. Nobody asks him how he feels about any of the big questions.

Now today I see another journalist (Keith Baldrey) pre-judging the Basi, Virk trial which Public Trust has patiently waited for ... Baldrey is heaping scorn on the notion that the Legislature Raids were a serious matter. He scoffs at the notion that organized crime could have come "perilously close" to the legislature. He has decided it's the R.C.M.P. which is rotten, not the Basi Boys. Baldrey gives not a moment's thought to the Public Trust.

The Public Trust has waited silently for too damn long. I admit to being steamed, at this particular moment ... and it showed, when I responded to the Baldrey business (called him Bald-Boy for which I am trying very hard to be remorseful).

I mean, they give us no news in our newspapers and then they dare to call us ill-informed and apathetic; they say we forget; they say the public doesn't care.
There's something fatally wrong with this picture which shows The Public as helpless, stupid, unworthy of respect.

So I'm thinking a lot about The Public Trust, a name which I add to the Collection Plate. And if it should ever be adopted, I'd be proud indeed to serve that image in any way I can. Or Liberation Voice. Good luck!