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Monday, February 21, 2011

  A Bit of History to Coyote Times

First, welcome to Coyote Times

This site has over a number of years now, gone through a number of name and other manifestations, and a long period of lying dormant, awaiting my renewed interest.  It was first Liberation Voice and then Freedom of Speech.

I have gone to this latest title format for a number of reasons. First, because I have long been an admirer of the coyote as a wild critter of two worlds now, urban and rural, in both of which it survives and prospers, and in greater numbers than ever. Which, to me at least, speaks to my many years in both these environments, about equally, and to my long years on the margins, materially and intellectually, and in the political wilderness as a left wing political and philosophical person. And no, I'm not really complaining. That's just life as it has been within certainly North American capitalism since the time of the last Great Depression of the 1930s, and the last great foment and movement of the working class in that time.

Thereafter there was the Great World War II and the prosperity period of the reconstruction of war destroyed Europe, in which especially North America grew affluent, and on the basis of which, even capitalism went along with the building of the Social Democratic State and its social safety net, and frequent State regulation and interventionism in the economy. During which time, of course, also occurred the great pogrom attacks on "official" Communism and all the Left within capitalism, as well as without as McCarthyism. Which attacks resulted pretty much in the isolation and decimation of the Left numerically and as an influence in all society, especially the trade union movement and the broader working class. All of which was only marginally less in Canada than the US.

The worm has turned again however, as it is cyclically wont to do within capitalism. And driven by individual Big Capitalist greed and the upheavals and distortions of its thinly veiled attempt to establish its full hegemony and imperialist ambition domination over the entire global economy, even the hereto "advanced" Western capitalist economies and socio-political orders have and continue to fall into a period of deepening crises.

As well, and a consequence of, neo-liberal economic policies of undoing the now old Social Democratic State order and seeking to return capitalism back to an imagined more ideal laissez faire capitalism time, before unions and shared working class prosperity, has also acted to destabilize capitalism, both economically within as well as socially.

All of which it seems to me is beginning to work, to once again call back into existence from the political wilderness into which we were driven, the serious, or if you will, revolutionary Left, to once again re-emerge as one of the leading working class forces and influences acting within and on capitalism. Attempts to turn back history, which arise from within the ruling class order, also quite naturally call back into being its old class enemies and political foes, with their different, by now updated and reinvigorated vision of the direction beyond capitalism that society needs to move in the direction of.

Time spent in the political and ideas wilderness, it turns out, echoing it would seem the biblical experience, can be extremely useful. :-) lol

Coyote Times is a small, extremely modest attempt to contribute to this process, now struggling to re-establish and re-root itself within current state of affairs capitalism, which the system and the capitalists have themselves created.

As time goes on, the old materials written by Coot and myself will be pushed out and archived... which I will hang onto, because it is part of the history of this site.

Again, welcome.



Larry Gambone said...

Hey! Good to have you back. Will put you on my blogroll. Am looking forward to your take on things...

mollymew said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere Coyote. Happy howling.

kootcoot said...

Coyote as to:

"As time goes on, the old materials written by Coot and myself will be pushed out and archived... which I will hang onto, because it is part of the history of this site."

You don't need to do anything to "archive" the old stuff, it will automatically be archived on the blog. Of course as I recently learned (or relearned) at the House it IS a good idea to save copies elsewhere out of Google's custody.

I will have to update links both at the House and WaterWalk, especially to some of the great material regarding the IPP scam.

I just finished backing up the entire house, or those parts that weren't already and now I gotta start in here - plus update links - I guess you thought I was turning into the devil's workshop with too much idle time on my hands or something.

kootcoot said...

In my haste I forgot the http part of both websites in the comment above. The corrected links are:

House of Infamy



Coyote said...

Koot and All ?),

First, thanks for your best wishes. I ain't promising the moon here, 'cause I'm a guy who hates spending all day on his ass. I'm a physical, not particularly "intellectual" person.

But I do intend to "play around" here, and try to make something of this site.

Koot: Damn fine, brother. You do whatever you think needs done here. I just kind of came back into her, after a kind of hiatus, cleaned up the spam porn sites and stuff, and wound up doing what I did. (There was a whack of stuff put in here by porn sites. Which is why I xwitchec to moderating everythingt.)

Anyway, talk to me bro, and let's see what we can't do together, if you're into it. Like I say, I'm open to ideas and input, and none more than yours.

Love, Peace and Revolution.

Kim said...

Coyote, looking forward to your insight and contribution. Bookmarking.

VivianLea said...

Coyote, I rather look forward to an honest argument or two.

Best to you, brother.

Coyote said...

"... I rather look forward to an honest argument or two." Vivianlea Doubt.

Likewise, sister. Likewise. :-)