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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Construction Delays
With a medical appointment out of town today, a much beloved horse I just have to part with, to trailer load and move to her new digs tomorrow, along with some volunteer work for the Saddle Club I belong to, there's a bit of delay here getting new material up. That's the weakness of a one man show. But fear not good folks, Thursday is looking clear to do a piece I kind of want to do, on the theme of coyotes and politics, with a little bit of poetry thrown in. A little artsy fartsy, for the likes of me, but... I think you all will find it interesting.

Keep the faith, and you come back now and again. We's here to thunk on human affairs, agitate and entertain, just a tad. 8-D

Love, Peace and Revolution.   


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the blessing and the cross of a blog. You can say what you like but you have to keep writing which can get pretty old. Enter the wiki, or a site made by free programs like joomla (don't laugh, it runs the White House site) Or a site made by the free software which Wikipedia runs on, and you get lots of people posting on the one site. Whoever you give permission to in fact, can post on your site at any time. Don't know if blogspot would cover it though, you might want better discussion boards, and more opportunity for interaction. I don't know if I should post this but I'm going to take a chance and do it. Best of Luck. If I did something like that it would be a cooperative show because that would sell better to potential writers.

Burrowing said...

As an addendum to my last comment, one of the ways the Liberal lite site thetyee controls public opinion is to limit comments and whisk controversial issues and comments off the front page as quick as a cat with its tail on fire. Sure they get lots of viewers, but not many people get to see alternative ideas there.

So it is Christy who gets the nod. Well, good news and bad news. She is photogenic and well spoken so will probably fool lots of BCers, but she also has all the Campbell years baggage to carry as she was the Liberal PR person on the radio for all those years and that is all public information unless they take it off their site and hide it away. And I see you have lots of articles on her here which I will now peruse for information. thanks.