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Monday, March 19, 2007


Soap Box

"Gord and His Scribe"
by Bruno The Hairdresser

A blank piece of paper for you kiddies to scribble on, while Daddy is away tending to what has to be done today. Entertain yourselves and behave.

Be nice to each other, and don't worry about trolls or bogey men. Daddy has checked under the bed and in the closet, and vanquished all Evil. :-)



kootcoot said...

Nice pic Bruno, I may have called it Gordo and his "stenographer" but that's pretty minor.

Perhaps I'm just a tad more snarky. I am really not a fan of the Soup Nazi and his Cabinet full of Crackers.

Anonymous said...

I think this Bruno the Hairdresser is pretty lame. My kid could do better.
Maybe Bruno should pull up his socks and get a real job instead of mocking our Premier and a fine mainstream journalist I might add.
Get a life Bruno!

Bobby Bittman

Coyote said...


I'd say you've pretty much succeeded with your intent to create a "subversive" piece of art here. It has even flushed a supporter of the "Neocon Realism" school of art, a parallel echo of the old Stalinist "Socialist Realism" school in the former USSR, out of the woodwork and into our midst.


Though, if one pays attention, he's not so much critical, it seems anyway, of your art method or form, but its political message, which is his real focus, for its ridiculing Neoconazi Gordo and Can West bootlick, Vaugn Palmer. And their being linked up in the same frame with Frankenstein in the lower left and, of course, the pirates flag is a real coup de grace. (Certainly the Neoconazi-Liberal plans for BC Hydro and "private power development" of our creeks and rivers is a cannonade thundering kind of "piracy.")

All in all, I'd say a highly successful piece, and why I chose to put it up first. And the Neocon reaction in springing to the defense of his Fuhrer, I would say, is a testament to that.

Bravo!. An excellent piece, and a desirable audience reaction result, I would say. :-) The feminine hands and lipstick on Gordo are a piece de resistance. Though what I was really looking for in there somewhere too, was a wine bottle, unless that's what his hands are grasping in air there, like he is looking deep into a glass for the meaning in the future.

:-) lol.

Anonymous said...

Coyote and Raven ..thanks for the kind words...this could be my big break...I don`t want to get back into the hairdressing..I might take a stab at the interior decorating.
I`ll look at adding a wine glass though gordos D.U.I. conviction was was probably the best thing he`s done so far...made him look almost human.
This gordo group is death...and misery..whatever the guy touches ends up misery for people.