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Friday, March 02, 2007

Taliban Chief Criticises Pakistan

Mullah Dadullah directs the Taliban's military operations. The leader of the Taliban's military operations has criticised Pakistan and Arab nations for helping the US and its allies.

Speaking in interview with Al Jazeera aired on Friday, Mullah Dadullah said that the Taliban's acitivities had suffered more from Pakistan's operations than from American and coalition activities.

"The Pakistani government has a strange policy that no-one can understand," Dudallah said.

"We have not suffered as much from America, Britain or any Islamic or Arab country as from the oppression and aggression we suffered from Pakistan."

"The targets which were firstly bombed were by the help of Pakistani intelligence and the first batches of invading forces entered from Pakistan."

He also said that Iran's Shia had not given any assistance to the Taliban, a Sunni movement: "Iran has never adopted any Jihadi agenda while the leaders of Arab countries are just followers of America and Britain."
Clearly, if this piece from Aljazeerah today is to be believed, there is a growing state of tension building between the Pakistan dictator Musharaf and the Taliban, along entirely likely with the other numerous Islamist groups within Pakistan. Of course, it could all be a dance designed to titillate the US Empire during the time of Cheney's visit there, of which there are reasonable grounds for suspicion-, given the bent of Pakistani security forces, and a number of attempts that have been made to assasinate Musharaf and some of those around him. One never knows for sure. But I have my doubts. Especially if it's true, as reported today, that Pakistani forces have captured the #3 man in the Taliban, Mullah Oballdullah Akhund.

Still, one will want to wait a few weeks after Cheney's departure, and see if this is another one of those developments out of Pakistan that first appear to be one thing, only to turn out to be another.

But if it is true, it suggest to me that Pakistan may soon be about to be thrown into some Jihadi driven turmoil from within itself. Which, if true, though it might have a temporary weakening effect on the impending Talabani spring offensive in Afghanistan, over the long haul does not bode well for the Pakastani/ US Empire alliance of convenience- even such as it rather weakly exists already, in my view. Significant, if not majority Muslim sentiment for the Taliban already exists in Pakistan, a majority Muslim country, with reported significant support elements as well in the Pakistani intelligence services and within the army generally, it has long been said, would not be pleased with any serious attempt by Musharaf to move against the Taliban. It could, is even likely that it could tear Pakistan apart, sending it at least into Civil War, as is Iraq already.

So, like I say, this is a development that bears watching, for its potential to further deepen the US Empire quagmire throughout the Middle East, in which Canada is increasingly involved, that rather than being contained is spreading, with an escalating risk as it evolves that other major players may be yet drawn into the piece, including Russia and China. One has to know that they, even excluding historical European interests in the region, cannot be pleased with the US Empire camped on what has been seen as their "interest" patch. (Consider how Amerika would feel were any of these elements, for example, camped with their army or armies in their claimed back yard in Latin America. Remember the Russians in Cuba?)

Amerika and we stumble there now, and look the least vulnerable, or likely that we may not be able to get up or extricate ourselves, the likelihood that one or all of these regional powers might be all over us like flies on a dead carcass, is not the least outside the realm of possibility. The Empire, and we as their flunky, are far from home and already looking increasingly vulnerable.

But for the short term, though Pakistani jihadis may rise separately, which bears watching over the coming period, the Taliban, if they are serious about their plans for Afghanistan, may have to eat these key personnel losses, if they are to avoid having to fight on too many fronts and spreading their own forces to thinly-, though they may encourage these Pakistani Jihadis closer to Islamabad.

For themselves they are already heavily committed.

The Afghan government struggles to rule areas outside Kabul, the capital

Spring offensive

Dudallah also repeated his previous predictions that the Taliban were planning a large-scale spring offensive.

"Our readiness for next spring offensive is great and very huge as we precisely reconsider our previous strategy [in order that] we learn new effective fighting tactics and methods," he said.

"We have many suicide bombers for carrying [out] hundreds of suicide bombings during the coming spring offencive in Afghanistan."

However, he told Al Jazeera that he would not discuss the Taliban's plans with the media.

"We cannot talk about the new tactics to the media ... [they] must be kept secret," he said.

Muslim Support

Dudallah also said that Muslims from around the world were keen to fight Christians and Jews in particular.

"No-one can know the number of mujahideen, as when it comes to fight Jews and Christians they are countless," he said.
The Afghan government struggles to rule areas outside Kabul, the capital

"Jihad is international, as we have Mujahideen from all over the world as Muslims across the world are supporting us and will stay with us in the future.

"The number of Mujahideen who are ready to fight might reach 6,000 or 10,000, but when the convoys of our enemy arrive all people fight, thus the number will reach 20,000.

"The suicide bombers are not included as we have thousands in each village and town who are ready to carry our suicide attacks. But those registered who joined training centres are 1,800 fighters.
In any case, there we are, roll of toilet paper in hand, ready to wipe Amerika's ass anytime need be. What a loyal bootlick flunky Harper's Canada is.

They ain't so much likely to follow our colonial troops home if they leave "prematurely" Harper, as they are likely to come over here to sow terror if we don't fucking leave.

Thanks, dummy.



kootcoot said...

I heard on CBC that the Taliban was going to send 1000 suicide bombers to the north of Afghanistan, you know where the NATO troops with "covenants" hide out. Why aren't Stock, Gumboots Crying in the Rain and the Doughboy Harper all over there in camos and boots packing heat.

Did you see the smackdown of Hillier the Whiner over at the Galloping Beaver?

Coyote said...

No, I didn't koot. I'll check it out right now.