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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Bound for Salmon Arm early in the (Wednesday) morning. The Mrs. seems to have developed a "heart murmur" that they are going to check out. Catch ya's later in the day or Thursday, to put up some new material. Meanwhile, use this as an open thread to talk about the state of your love life, :-) or lack thereof, them friggin' Amurrikans still rampaging about the world, fuckin' it and themselves up, and digging a deeper poo hole for themselves, or as an even better idea, your favourite herb, beer, whiskey or other libation. Or anything else that just occurs to you.

The movie selection in this town isn't great. Just one theatre. Coming up is "Breach", about "the highest level security breach in US history". Anybody seen it? What's it like?

Know of any other good movies you've seen that I might not of yet, out here in the hinterland swamp?

Whatever, have a good one. Gotta take care of my sweetie. :-)


The Mrs has to get the report from her doctor yet, of course, but the guy doing the Cardio Echo Sound did say that he didn't see anything that looked too serious. Which I take as a positive. (She has the family history, unfortunately.)
She looks and acts perfectly healthy.

I'll get some new stuff up today, posthaste.



Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well for Mrs Coyote my friend.

I'll be thinking about you.
G West

Larry Gambone said...

Yes, good luck to Mrs. Coyote.And I will be looking forward to your return to FS.ca, Ciao, Larry

bear said...

Hey "Yote,

I am thinking about you and your gal, with warm thoughts your way bud. Get some heat from the healing sun, a good idea indeed.

My lovelife...Awesome. Married for 15 years to my best friend...edgy dude, but my best friend no doubt :-) 'nough said :-)

Peace and Love Coyote and friends,


lynn said...

Just dropped by to say hallo to everyone. :-)

The daffodils in full golden bloom here.

A bouquet of them to you and Mrs. Coyote.

Take care of each other....


kootcoot said...

Hey there Coyote, I must confess, I couldn't stop myself from feeding the trolls a little bit on the Noookleear thread.

Main thing though, is I hope you and the Mrs. made it to Salmon Arm and back safely, and that she is gonna be okay.

Salmon Arm, I have some grand kids around Grinrod, would you believe it, well, you have to. They are great kids too! I was gonna name them, but some of them are native, and I don't want the sentits*** knowing that kind of info. He might figure they are potential criminals.

Bye the way there is a interesting sounding thing coming up tonight on the 5th Estate, something about Lies and War. Must be about my old country (or England) but then again it could be about the Harpoon. If I can stay awake that late, I'll check it out.

Coyote said...

Thanks for your expressions of sympathy, folks. Contrary to Bear's "edgy" mate, women seeming to prefer "edgy" males, being the gluttons for punishment many of them are, I guess, Her Ladyship here is an easy to get along with and loving women. My preferred type. Two "edgy" one's like me would be too much. :-) I can almost hardly get along with myself. LOL.

So like I said to her, it would be extremely unfair of her if I was suddenly thrown out there on "the singles market" again, and have to find another woman who could "tolerate" me again. (Typical male, always worrying about himself. :-) It'd be like expecting to be struck by lightening twice.

Most women have got more sense than the Mrs had. :-) Who simply couldn't say no to the good stuff. (wink, wink)

apathysux said...

Neat idea...open soap box...
...after much struggle my lovelife is awesome. Finally found a man that fits very well, altho he is a bit 'edgy', but what man isn't. Part and parcel methinks. Harley riders the both of us. Never had a more fantastic relationship in all the important ways. Between us 5 kids and from his side, now 3 grandchildren. Love the look on people's faces when my grandaughter calls me gramma and me just a tiny shade under 40 (only for a few more months).

I haven't really shared much about myself so there's a little bit. I am also a mature student currently in a first year BA program and hoping to get enough credits to begin a Bachelor of Law degree. Got the idea of being an advocate specializing in environmental law or suchlike. Anyway, the dream is to help things change to improve my current and future grandchildren's (hoping my teenage daughters wait till 30 or so to add to the gene pool, not grownup enough to before then IMO)prospects of life on this awesome planet. Knowledge is power and I am finally mature enough to go to college without conforming. Nothing like a couple economics courses to really make one HATE capitalism.

I live on Haida Gwaii, usually we have stuff aside from crocuses growing by now, but we are getting some flurries today. Was hopig to be on the bikes (our chief 'libation')already. oh well

Anyway, enuf about me. I wanted this post to be positive so I kept the Amerikans out of it. :-) Glad to hear all is as well as it can be with you and your mrs.
Peace to all.


bear said...

Hey 'Yote my "edgy" friend,

Looking to hear good news on your lady's condition bud. Nice to know nothing obvious so far... Keep us up.

Peace and love,


Hey apathysux :-)

My "edgy" hubby and I are both Harley Riders, :-) and we are looking for a move in the next few years to Bella Coola area. I love the rainforest too :-)

Law direction of yours is great. The earth needs good people protecting her. Or as Neil Young said "She needs all the help she can get..." Right on.

Anyways, obviously "edgy" is coooool, I mean look who it includes, hubby, hubby, and 'Yote Lol :-D



Coyote said...

Loved your story, apathsux.

And finding a "love" that works can be a struggle, no doubt. And I'm ready to 'fess that we males can be notorious assholes, no bloody doubt.

Mind ya, that said... there's lots of male's horror stories I've seen and heard over the years. Though on the scales of justice, I don't there is any question as to the "main culprit". :-)

Always good to hear from ya, good woman.

Me, I just lucked out the first time around-, and I really can't take any credit. All I was doing really was following my dick, and the first one that seriously shagged me back got the prize. LOL B-D Such as he is.

Fortunately, Mrs wasn't paying attention like she maybe more wisely should have been. :-) I managed to convince that I had the only one.

The Sentinel said...
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