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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Evolution of
The North American Union

The Final Stage in the NAFTA/Corporate Globalization

by Coyote

October 3, 1987: The 20-chapter Canada–United States Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA or FTA) is finalized. U.S. trade representative Clayton Yeutter offers this observation: "We've signed a stunning new trade pact with Canada. The Canadians don't understand what they've signed. In twenty years, they will be sucked into the U.S. economy.
On the other hand, perhaps the Jean Chretien and later Paul Martin Liberals, and the corporate ruling class for whom they speak, did understand. The grounds for suspicion are mountainous. Certainly there is an ongoing continuous theme to their behaviours.

In 1993, Jean Chretien and The Liberal Party, after having promised, as part of their "Red Book" campaign platform, in the national election then taking place, to "renegotiate NAFTA", almost immediately thereafter, before the year was out, in December, evoking memories as well of another promise to scrap the GST, which is still with us, signed the NAFTA without any changes-, knuckling under to US pressure to do so.

But which was and is not the end of the matter, of course, because already "business elite class" continentalist forces were further gathering and marshaling their forces to build their case and advocate for an even closer "Union" with Amerika, later to include Mexico.
September, 1999: The Canadian right-wing think tank the Fraser Institute publishes a paper by Herbert G. Grubel titled "The Case for the Amero: The Economics and Politics of a North American Monetary Union." In the paper Grubel argues that a common currency is not inevitable but it is desirable. See: The Case for the Amero
But, bad enough as this proposal is, over the heads of all the national populations of the countries involved, in a separate "elite" process, bypassing even the limited norms of what has historically been corporatist controlled and manipulated "democracy" across the continent, even that is not the end of the matter. There is a wider neo-conservative ruling class vision beginning to take shape in its "think tanks", the ruling class based Trilateral Commission, and other continental "business councils and chambers".

  • August 30, 2001: The Institute for International Economics issues a press release advocating that the United States and Mexico should use the occasion of the visit of President Vicente Fox of Mexico on September 4-7 to develop a North American Community as advocated by Robert Pastor in his book "Toward a North American Community." See: A Blueprint for a North American Community
And then again, by December of the same year, in what should be well remembered in broader circles even than the radical left in Canada, for its uniquely overt interfering and preachy imperialist advocacy style, likewise :

And not only in US ruling class circles, and amongst its financed and beholden "tame" politicians, but here in Canada as well amongst our own "ambassadorial strata".

  • September 11, 2002: The National Post publishes an article by Alan Gotlieb, the chairman of the Donner Canadian Foundation and Canada's ambassador to the United States from 1981 to 1989, titled "Why not a grand bargain with the U.S.?" In the article, Gotlieb asks "Rather than eschewing further integration with the United States, shouldn't we be building on NAFTA to create new rules, new tribunals, new institutions to secure our trade? Wouldn't this 'legal integration' be superior to ad hoc responses and largely ineffective lobbying to prevent harm from Congressional protectionist sorties? Wouldn't our economic security be enhanced by establishing a single North American competitive market without anti-dumping and countervail rules? Are there not elements of a grand bargain to be struck, combining North American economic, defence and security arrangements within a common perimeter?" See: Why not a grand bargain with the U.S.?
Until finally, in the US media, on CNN, even such right wing "populist" US nationalists and figures as Lou Dobbs and other Republican "nationalist" conservatives begin to take notice and become alarmed, heard even over the voices from the US Left, who actually seem to be caught by surprise. A strange responding concencus begins to emerge and take shape as well around this "national" and "democratic" issue.
Good evening, everybody. Tonight, an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad?
Lou Dobbs on Lou Dobbs Tonight, June 9, 2005
After which the pace of events suddenly quicken, while most of the citizenry of this country certainly, possibly over comfortable in the assumptions that they are "smarter than Americans" (from a Tyee article), or yet presumably preoccupied with the deteriorating social and economic minutia of their daily lives, going into 2006, participate in yet another staged, ruling class Big Money managed election, that in itself takes matters to a new and more dangerous, fraught with risk level-, at least for all categories of Canadian nationalists concerned with the sovereignty and self-sufficiency of this country. Afterall, we and the citizens of Mexico are the intended lambs being prepared to lie down with the US Empire lion.

  • January 2006: Conservative Stephen Harper is elected Prime Minister of Canada with a minority government
  • .
  • March 31, 2006: At the Summit of the Americas in Cancun, Canada (under new Prime Minister Stephen Harper) along with the U.S. and Mexico release the Leaders' Joint Statement. The statement presents six action points to move toward a North American Union, aka a North American Community. These action points include: 1) Establishment of a Trilateral Regulatory Cooperative Framework 2) Establishment of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) 3) Provision for North American Emergency Management 4) Provision for Avian and Human Pandemic Influenza Management 5) Development of North American Energy Security 6) Assure Smart, Secure North American Borders. Read the full statement at: Leaders' Joint Statement
Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonss√łn Quisling, (July 18, 1887October 24, 1945) was a Norwegian army officer and fascist politician. He was Minister President of German occupied Norway. Here he shakes Hitler's hand. The name Quisling is now synonymous with treason across the world.

The US scholar, Daneen G. Peterson, PH.D., (See ** below) says treason abounds in Canada and the U.S. over this elite sponsored, and surreptitious move toward a North American Union (NAU)
The American people and Canadians are being betrayed by government cabals associated with the U.S. George W. Bush administration and Stephen Harper government who are bent on destroying national sovereignty in order to create a North American Union. The miscreants include many who function at the highest levels in our government. Many hold membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission and pursue a subversive agenda. The cabal is deliberately circumventing the U.S. Congress and 'We the People' [and the Parliament of Canada] in blatant violation of U.S. and Canadian Constitutions. Collectively they are committing TREASON. In America specifically, If you continue to believe that the "illegal alien invasion" is the biggest threat to America, you will never understand that there is something far more dangerous to our country called the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP). As bad as the illegal immigration situation is... you will learn that the U.S. is in dire peril far exceeding the "illegal alien" problem.

Further, in the online national magazine, The Canadian, she advises:

Educate yourself. For example, read what your own government has posted on their official websites such as the Whitehouse.gov, SPP.gov, State.gov and Canada.USembassy.gov. You will be aghast at the nearly complete destruction of our sovereignty, Bill of Rights, Constitution, laws, Republic, and freedoms they have ALREADY achieved. This heinous ongoing treason has been engineered by an entrenched cabal of legislators, courts, military brass, and government employees in this and prior administrations. The tyranny is being facilitated by hundreds of people embedded at all levels of the executive branch constituting a so called 'Shadow Government' who are working in concert to dismantle this country in plain sight. The agenda was engineered by political-military-industrial elites and kept secret by their deliberately mute media collaborators.

Many in the U.S. Senate AND the House AND the Executive (and their counterparts in the Stephen Harper government in Canada) are working in concert to create a North American Union. They are capitalists whose agenda is authoritarianism, which makes them classic fascists. These elites embrace the concept of a world run by a wealthy few, which they apparently believe will be themselves. Their goal is to achieve the few remaining unfulfilled tenets of a sort of Fascist Manifesto in order to put an end to America, along with Canada and Mexico.


Anti-globalization protesters in Mexico

The hour is late of course, and much of the populace is blissfully unaware for want of information and context, in which the corporatist media is complicit, or all merely somnambulate. There is desperate need of both a militant and broader nationalist movements to emerge in this country, in order to turn this state of the populace around and organize its willingness and capacity to resist. Additionally, it needs to be directed toward rebuilding posthaste, the independent economic and political self-sufficiency of this country, where necessary wresting control of threatened economic assets from their corporate owners, while at the same time building solidarity alliances across the hemisphere with all who have a shared "resistance to the US Empire ambition" interest with us. Which doesn't exclude progressive US citizens either, as part of the laying a foundation, on the other side of this period, to formulating and establishing the preconditions for new friendly relations between all peoples-, based on mutual respect for each others independence and shared need for self-sufficiency first however.


** Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D., an author who writes and speaks about the illegal alien problem and the coming North American Union. Her articles are heavily researched and referenced with 'clickable' URLs that will take the reader directly to the source material. Her accompanying photos and graphics add to her vivid exposes. All of her articles can be found archived on the StopTheNorthAmericanUnion.com website.

At one time she was a professor at both Temple and Jefferson Universities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she taught behavioral science research statistics and methodology. After leaving academia, she created and directed the first Department of Research and Program Evaluation for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America's National Office in Philadelphia.

Dr. Peterson is currently researching and writing on the issue of the One World Order and the United States Government's covert acts to create a North American Union without consent of Congress or 'We The People.'

** Much of the reference material here was secured from ViveleCanada, though from other sources as well.


The Sentinel said...
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The Sentinel said...
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Larry Gambone said...

Since the US rulers are faced with imperial overstretch, a shakey economy, looming peak oil, just to mention the most important problems, the North American Union may be one of the proposed answers to these inter-linked crises. While "Anglo"-Canada might get sucked into this, I somehow doubt that either the Mexicans or the Quebecois will.

Coyote said...

I agree Larry, that the greater likelihood is that Anglo-Canada will get sucked up and absorbed into this than it is Quebec will. Anglo-Canada has always had the "potential" to be its own nation, of course, but for a host of economic and cultural reasons, and having to do with its colonial loyalty, British Empire Loyalist roots, and the timidity of our Anglo-Canadian ruling class, it has never quite been able to find the wherewithal to pull it off.(Blame "the Frenchies".)

Barring possibilities that cannot be seen from here.

Though the pressure on Quebec, to bend to the New World Order is going to be tremendous.

And you've got your head sucked up your own ass again Sentinel. You have taught me fuck all. I was here occupying these positions when you were still in diapers, fuckhead. You are but an old broken record, repeating itself ad infinitum from out of the lumpen fascist strata across my whole fucking life

You are just so ancient Quisling history yourself. It's your class history, and your current fascist manifestation.

I've had you in the cross-hairs many time across my life, bub.

Still, Larry, I keep hoping you are wrong. It was there in the early post war years, but the years of Prosperity Capitalism, now ended, and co-option into the system set especially the Anglo working class off on a course of self-effacement. And catch folks one on one, they hate the "kiss ass" the country has become, and they along with it. They just don't seem to see a credible way out, and are lost in the minutia forest of daily life.

It is hard to be optimistic though,I know it for myself. It's the "Sentinel" mental illness-, a large part of it.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

InSentientOne, I thought she was your Queen, or no, now I got it you are a queen. Okay we'll try to not mention your queenly ass anymore.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

"But bear in mind that the biggest empire the world has ever seen was achieved only by its army. The best army in the world. With the toughest soldiers in the world: British men."

Talk about old or young men (or queens) trying to brag about long past glory.

Would that be the same British Army that had it's ass kicked by George Washington and his rag-tag insurgents in the late eighteenth century? The same one that is now tired of setting off false flag bombs in Southern Iraq and is now cutting and running from what may soon become the home field for WW4?
What do you think, will the British girls manage to get out of Iraq before or after Tony "Bush's Poodle" Blair is in the dock as an accused criminal - in London, maybe they'll get around to dealing with him in the Hague later.

"Since my forefathers were comparatively recent immigrants to the New World"

New as in English colonies.

No, new as in early 20th century United States, Illinois was never an English Colony, even though they would have liked to have it, but as a result of getting their ass kicked out of the lower 13 colonies they didn't get the Northwest (at the time) Territories.

Getting back to the "best army in the world," how many times have the Canadians and Americans had to come over there to save your sorry asses.

"Your anti-English hatred is nothing new to me; I have been around the world."

"Around the world" was that one night in a whorehouse and got to find out what a naked girl looks like? I don't hate English sorta men. However since my mother was from France and I am Geordie, Scots and Irish on my father's side, I don't think a hell of a lot of limey wimps.

"There are only two countries the UK has never been to war or involved in conflict with"
I can't help it if you are bastards and can't get along with anybody.
And what would be the two countries that never had the sheer pleasure of killing limeys?

" and considering we had a quater (sic) of the world- the sun never set on the British empire - it is only natural that we still have a lot of resentment."

Reality check, the sun set on the British Empire decades ago, of course that is in the real world, not where ever your momma's basement is located.

Coyote said...

LOL. Good one, Koot. :-)

Hell, Sentient One, the danger was there from the very moment of the final collapse of the British Empire and the termination of the reality of this country's "dominion status", that our colonial mindset ruling class would succumb to the rising US Empire influence. Which it did and is still in the process of leading the country into. (On the other hand, there's Britain no less kissing US ass in Iraq and Afghanistan as well.)

Indeed, the US Empire ambition in regards to this country was there at the time of its own founding revolution, which led Canadianne and British Empire troops to burn down Washington in 1812 (1814?).

We, especially in more modern times, the political left in this country, while your conservative/fascist political parallel in this country, as you do, was advocating "surrender to the inevitable", have been consistently attempting to mount popular opposition to this betrayal of the country. You may think this NAU phenomena is new, because you have just heard of it yourself, but the roots and various manifestations of it have been there across much of our history as a distinct country. (McCarthyism and our participation in the Dew Line and other "continental defence" systems throughout the Cold War, for example, and its rightist" co-option effects on our trade union movement, were likewise manifestations of this "drift" toward US Empire conquest, facilitated by our own comprador/Quisling ruling class.)

And it ain't over 'til it's over, bub, anymore than they or we have won 'til its won. I would have thought the history of European fascism, including that of Mosely's Blackshirts in your England, would have taught you that, if nothing else. (And you do not seem to have learned much, other than shallow rhetorical flourishes-, which look plausible, only so long as they are not challenged by real knowledge. Then you fall back to positions of insistence, as if the errors of your ideas have not been already exposed. A long practised fascist rhetorical technique, from the time of Goebbels at least, of reliance on the Big Lie being repeated often and loud enough, becoming thereby at least, accepted truth.)

There is, of course, a danger that the country and the Canadian people will be "suckered" into the North Amerikan Union, but your declaration of its "inevitability" does not of itself make it so. It is but in the nature of the quisling, such as yourself, to surrender your nation without a struggle.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coyote said...

For all your high self-praise of British soldiering man/womanhood. you have failed to answer the question of who it is they are serving/kissing ass in Iraq and Middle East.

The British Empire also collapsed despite the efforts of that British manhood you so fondle over. And they have retreated from Iraq, and may yet AGAIN be driven out of the entire Middle East, along with the mucho man US Empire they so anxiously serve and die for. Vicariously, through this new empire of their former colony, trying to recover some sense of their own former, now failed glory.

The reality is, you and much of the world, no less than we have a problem with the US Empire, in its efforts to make us all fall down before and serve it.

Britain is scarecly any less pathetic than Canada in the current world actually. British manhood/womanhood is no less a failing enterprise. And all the pomp and circumstance of the former British military and Empire glory and ancient tradition scarcely hide the threadbare current reality of it.

kootcoot said...

I would ask, but it is so obvious that I don't need to do so. You really barely comprehend what you read, and don't really don't think about what you spew through your key board. I would like to clarify your muddled mind about a few points Mr. Faeces, to wit:

Benjamin Franklin spent a lot of time in France as well, Mr. Franklin did not help the rag-tag insurgents under Cherry Tree George kick limey and Hessian butt militarily. Ben isn't remembered as a great Revolutionary Soldier.

"Besides which, the British had troops on every continent bar Antarctica controlling aorund (sic) 2 billion people. An achivement (sic) by any estimation, and one that lends itself to being overstretched.

Jeez, that sound like Imperial Amerika of today. Perhaps you should qualify that statement with "trying to control aorund (sic) 2 billion people."

"The same one that is now tired of setting off false flag bombs in Southern Iraq"

Any evidence for that or just more bluff and bluster from a fool.

Only credible news reports that a carload of British Man Soldiers were arrested by Iraqi authorities around Basra when found dressed in mufti as insurgents in a car full of explosives and were then broken out of jail by a British Man Army armored attack on the police HQ and jail of their "allies."

"and is now cutting and running from what may soon become the home field for WW4?"

We haven't had WW3 yet you fuckwit.

You haven't been paying attention to your Neo-Con brethren, like most of the reality based world that you ignore, but they count the Cold War as WW3. Look it up if you can find the time from spewing your hate.

"Tony "Bush's Poodle" Blair is in the dock as an accused criminal - in London, maybe they'll get around to dealing with him in the Hague later."

I fucking hope so.

Occasionally we can agree!

Around the world as in every continent on the planet, dozens of countries, including yours. (Both, seeing as you cannot make up your mind as to which one you belong to.)
I am a dual citizen of Canada and the US so don't have to make up my mind - I may belong to two countries but darn it haven't got to kill people on every continent.

"I don't hate English sorta men. However since my mother was from France and I am Geordie, Scots and Irish on my father's side, I don't think a hell of a lot of limey wimps."

Geordie's are from Newcastle. North East England you unbelievably stupid fucking idiot.

You really do not know what you are saying do you?

Maybe you don't understand what you read, or maybe even the the country you live in much less the rest of the world and its peoples.

My Geordie people were mostly displaced Scots, and just because they had moved south across (just) the border didn't mean they considered themselves English other than technically or decided to start liking blimey bastards. Maybe you haven't noticed but lots of people who live in what is officially England don't consider themselves all that English or have much affection for those that are English, like Welsh, Cornish and many Geordies. Of course Scots and Irish take their dislike of the blimey limeys to yet another level. But you are just doing what you always do, you generalize about people by race and now as we see, national identity. Being French, Irish, Scots and Geordie I come from a long line of people who aren't enamored of the Blimeys.

The whole of the US was formed as a direct result of English colonisation. Everything you have is based upon our system.

Once again you exhibit your stupidity. Of course England had an influence on this country (both Canada and the US) that lasts to this day, like in the law and language. However what we are today has also been influenced by the Spanish, French, early Russian fur traders to name just three OTHER influences. Indeed the American form of government owes as much or more to the Iroquois and Scots as it does to the cumbersome and non-democratic British system with its House of Lords and such.

"Getting back to the "best army in the world," how many times have the Canadians and Americans had to come over there to save your sorry asses."

Not once actually.

The French maybe.

We were un-invaded and doing fine.

Fighting the real Nazis and Fascists that you like to tar people with.

As I recall with the exception of Monty in North Africa, after Dunkirk the Manly British Army was mostly hanging out in bomb shelters in the homeland until the Americans and Canadians invaded mainland Europe thus, along with the Russians to the east, keeping the Nazis too busy to invade your crowded little island. Do you really think without the Canadians and US contributions your little island would have remained un-invaded? I guess I could also mention the industrial output from North America in support of the anti-Nazi forces.

Reality check: The queen is still the head of state of 53 countries, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand,

What a formality and pretend game, I don't know if you noticed but we've re-patriated ourselves here in Canada. Parliament and/or the Queen have no say in Canadian policy or legislation anymore. Personally I don't mind the Queen being on the money, at least she keeps assholes like Mulroney and Harper off of it. There is growing sentiment in some quarters here, and in Australia from what I understand to fire the Queen. I think the monarchy has remained relevant in Canada these days primarily because Liz is and has been such a good Queen. Put a new person on the throne, which will have to happen someday, and who knows how soon the monarch would be fired. I think in Canada we keep out attachment to the Queen to help distinguish ourselves from the yahoos to the south.

Whatever your opinion of Afghanistan and its deployment (I personally think its a waste of time and a disgraceful waste of life) it does not change the fact that it is British troops, virtually alone, fighting this war and doing a bloody good job of it despite no support from home- or anyone else, politicians, material goods, and defective weaponry.

Wow your stupidity and lack of understanding really outdoes itself here. "Virtually Alone" yeah, in your momma's basement in a video game perhaps. For starters the US has the largest number of soldiers in Afghanistan and provides the lions share of support, transport etc. As far as "virtually alone, fighting this war and doing a bloody good job of it " that would be the Canadina. I'm not sure how many Manly Brits are deployed there, but I suspect that the Canadians have taken more casualties in total, and on a per capita basis the Canadians have seen more actual combat and taken a higher number of casualties than any NATO nation - most of whom hide out in Kabul, the north and have covenants that excuse them from actually having to you know....fight. Kandahar, Hellmond and along the Pakistani border, thats where the Canadians are. But hey, they've been going to the hot spots and winning the battle for the Manly Brits for almost 100 years now, or at least since WWI. Does Vimy Ridge register in your constipated excuse for a brain?

Coyote said...

Not that I am especially of the view that it is of any great importance for me to be able to say that I served in the Colonial Canadian Armed Forces, in service of the US Empire, but I indeed did, in many parts of the world.

As for which came first, the chicken or the egg, Hitler or Goebells, it is but more of your fluff in any case. Both were equally flawed and serving the same ruling class master behind the scenes during the same period of history in any case. It depends much on who wrote whose speech-, say Goebells for Hitler. :-)

What a bubble head with a bubbleheaded sense of what is important and unimportant. All blathering yada, yada and very little substance passes from your lips in any case.

kootcoot said...

Coyote said...
Not that I am especially of the view that it is of any great importance for me to be able to say that I served in the Colonial Canadian Armed Forces, in service of the US Empire, but I indeed did, in many parts of the world.

Brag about being a manly soldier, spew hate and describe his mommy's basement, that's pretty well all the InSentientOne has to talk about.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

Mr. I Take Ignorance to New Soaring Heights - I don't consider all Brits English, pay attention to what I actually said before you start typing your canned bullshit. When I say English, I don't mean British, and did you just try to tell me that all/most Irishmen love the English? There is another part of Ireland that isn't Ulster you know.

England is not the UK, but part of it. Cornwall and Wales are not separate countries and are parts of England which is part of the United Kingdom or Great Britain they used to call it if I remember correctly.
My grand mother was technically English, but was a Geordie. I know Scotland is part of the UK, but it is not part of England. I'll admit from here it appears that Scots run the UK, but they are so much smarter than the English - and the farther north you go in England the smarter are the English. So I imagine your momma's basement is probably somewhere around Salcombe in Devon. Likely not as far north as Torquay.

I don't have a US Passport, but can't go back and change my birthplace, and besides why should I. I rarely go there because I don't like it that much (or else I would live there, since I have the right to do so) but refuse to give any other assholes the opportunity to bar me from the land of my birth should I choose to go there.

I will obviously have to study your fantasy world in order to have a discussion with you. I've spent all these years learning about the reality based world, which doesn't prepare one to converse with one so deluded by hate as yourself.

If you knew how to read you would have noticed I said I wasn't sure about total casualties, but there is no doubt that on a per capita basis (troop deployment, but likely national population as well) the Canadians have carried a disproportionate share of the load.
So Mr. Statistics for Every Occasion, what are the deployment numbers and casualty figures for the toughest army in the world in Afghanistan?

I notice you neglected to call me down about Vimy Ridge, something to do with the fact the toughest army on earth couldn't take it, but the "white necks" did?

Well hurry up and get on over to Afghanistan, a manly Brit like yourself should be able to kick every Taliban butt necessary and make it possible for everybody but the school builders to come home in a week or two. We will try to find a new pet resident troll, although we might have to hit him in the head with a hammer a few times to dumb him down a bit, so he can replace you properly.

By the way, see if you can get the Afghan legislature to give you a retroactive pardon for war crimes, like they are doing for themselves. It's only fair, then you don't have to even have any limits on your exercise of your skills in violence. After all moral responsiblity is only for old farts that don't hate everybody who isn't exactly like them. By the way, those Afghans are sort of dusky of complexion, so they are definitely all criminals.

kootcoot said...

BTW, the Taliban probably won't die just from reading your hate mail! But I guess it's worth a try!

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

ShitHead said:

"Like you know fuck all about it.
...an ignorant cunt, you know fuck all....a fucking Geordie.....wasn't fucking English....Well fucking done.
...you dumb fuck."

This is just a sampling from the last posting above and indicates the ranting of a mentally challenged human(?) with a very limited vocabulary. There are adjectives that can be used in mixed company, tho I doubt many women show up in your momma's basement or on the battlefield when you are protecting me and Coyote all over the world.

I tiring of your ignorance but some of your drivel above just has to have a response, though you probably won't understand it.

Regarding casualties you are totally wrong about the heroic Manly Brits per capita or otherwise, maybe you should read the shit you told me to link to. Of course if you weren't so stupid you could have just told me the numbers I asked you for, of course you probably would have lied or got it wrong ---- I don't have to look up anything regarding the Canadian deployment levels or casualties, those figures are in my head and you are welcome to check them, if you know how. Anyway here goes, all Brit data from the links you provided. I expect an apology for you being either a liar or a fool after you comprehend the following, tho doubt you are civilized enough to admit your stupidity.

(my bolds)

British Deployment in Afghanistan:

The UK has deployed around 5,600 Service personnel to Afghanistan in total, with around 4,300 of those in the South and 1,300 in Kabul.

British Killed in Action or otherwise:

"As at 8 March 2007, a total of 52 British Forces personnel have died while serving in Afghanistan since the start of operations in November 2001.

Of these, 30 are classed as Killed in Action or Died of Wounds sustained from Action (28 are classed as Killed in Action, 2 are classed as Died of Wounds sustained from Action)."

Now the other 22 are illness, accidents or still not known.

Now do you have a grasp on those numbers dipshit?

Canada - troops deployed 250
Fatalities - 45
(2 in accidents and that is including an accidental shooting while on patrol in enemy territory, so I (not being a professional killer) don't know if that is considered action or not). I do know the Canadians killed by friendly fire by Americans is a half dozen or so, and those count as action. At one point the Americans had killed more Canadians than the Taliban - early on.

so let's analyze this, read slow if you have to:

Canada 40+ out of 2500
UK 30 out of 5600

I don't care how you slice it, 40 is more than 30 and 5600 is over double 2500. So in total Canada has had more casualties and per capita more than double. Oh yeah the population of the UK is approx double that of Canada too so more than double per capita in those terms as well. Even if we compare the 45 number to the 52 number (including illness etc. for the Brits) Canada still doubles the UK in per capita by deployment. I didn't want to talk about it, but you have been talking out of your asshole.

You are also kind of dumb about nationality too!

"I don't have a US Passport"

Then you may well find you do not have dual nationality you dumb fuck."

Since I was born in the USA just like Bruce Springsteen unless I renounce my citizenship or they find a reason to strip me of it, I AM a CITIZEN. I haven't renounced it and they haven't even tried to remove it. It takes quite a bit to strip American citizenship from one born in the USA of US citizens. Actually I was born courtesy of the US Navy since my father was in the US Navy at the time. So as usual you're bleating through that other orifice again. I'm glad we aren't conversing in person because it would probably smell hideous with you using your asshole to speak.

And as far as what is what in that sorry overcrowded sea bound excuse for a country that you like to consider the apex of civilization:

"England and Wales are administered as a unit"

"Cornwall is equivalent to/actually is a shire, just like Devon, only to the west."

"When Ireland became a dominion, 1921, and later a republic,
Northern Ireland chose to remain part of the United Kingdom."

"The Channel Islands......are the only parts of the one time Dukedom
of Normandy belonging to England are Jersey, Guernsey and the dependencies of Guernsey...."

By the way, the Channel Islands were occupied by the non-invading Germans in WWII.

You know in the states there are people who consider Texas a republic, but that doesn't make it so. I wish it was because then Bush the Lesser would live in some other country and couldn't be Preznit.

So spare us your educational profanity laced lectures unless you would like to start using non-imaginary facts. By the way by saying fucking this and fucking that over and over doesn't really communicate much in the way of ideas, though I guess you don't really have much in the way of ideas or reality based information to share - except for why and how to HATE! You apparently have no sense of humor either, but then why would a senseless idiot have that particular sense?

BTW, I never lock my door and won't unless I find out you know where I live. Actually even then I might not lock it if I was home and thought you might walk into the blind.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

I don't have anymore time for your ignorance but have to recommend you take a remedial math course. i.e.:

"Of the 52 UK soldiers killed, 47 were killed over the past year whereas of the 45 CF killed, 36 Canadians were killed over the same period."

All that means is they were probably mostly home in England or hanging out in Kabul or farther north until the last year. But even at that over the same period (using your numbers here dipwit:) the Canadians have almost as many in total and almost double the Manly Brits by per capita, or pro-rata proportional or whatever you want to call it. I would advise you to find out what words mean before you use them, at least if you want anybody to give a shit what you say.

Over last year:
Brits - 45 out of 5600
Canadians 37 out of 2500

Do I have to do the fucking math for you? I'll give you a clue clueless, if the Canadians had even just 5000 troops on the ground with the same per capita fatalities we would be comparing 74 to 45 for the same period. Or maybe you don't know what statistical and mathematical terms like pro-rata, proportional or per capita actually mean.

And as far as "with the projection of exponential increases over a similar period and maintained or even heightened pro-rata ratio."

Now you are talking from the orifice behind you again. Projections are just somebody's fantasy. In the next year WW3 could break out or China could nuke Afghanistan in a pre-emptive attack to settle down the neighbors. Or Jesus could return and everybody would go where ever they belong.

I heard today that Britain the Magnificent is going to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. That's another meaningless projection. Of course if China and India and who knows where else continues to grow in energy use like they have been, any carbon emissions might not be coming from fossil fuels anymore, there not being any left. Harper, Gordon Campbell, Arnie the Terminator, and now the New Libs or whatever the Poodle calls his party supply most of the hot air in the atmosphere trying to prove they are the greenest. Well sorry to tell you guys but it's Kermit.

Since I am also a geek (especially now that I'm getting older and logging is becoming a sunset industry) programming, database management and website consulting I am going to prove another of your lies when I have time. I will let you know how many times you've used fuck, fucking or cunt compared to Coyote and me together, and who took the discussion into the realm of meaningless profanity. It won't take that long once I get around to it, you see I can just write a small program to do it for me.

Get a fuckin' grip, or get your ass to Afghanistan, you aren't doing much for anybody in civies.

BTW, the info re: the crowded little island was all quotes from reference works, and not wikipedia, that if you are smart enough (which leaves you out) can be made to say whatever you want, at least temporarily. When I make up stuff it is either opinion or fiction, when you make up stuff you call it facts. When I cite "facts" it is either from personal observation (like if I told you the lake outside my door was three feet higher today than last week) or credible sources that are in the business of providing that kind of objective statistical or legal information without an ax to grind.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

So how come you don't know I'm not even near Nelson, I can go through NetIdea's server from anywhere in Canada, or didn't you know that Mr. IT security.

You are the one that claimed so many more Brits had been killed compared to Canada. Well when you consider the size of the deployments and the size of the countries, it doesn't seem like so much, in fact it is less - and you shouldn't cite numbers unless they are accurate and you know what they mean.

I've done a lot of things in my life, and I explained why I wasn't logging anymore, age, declining activity and the fact that I would have to accept what I was making twenty years ago, if I could find any work anywhere near.

As usual, you get right to:

"So fuck you cunt, you don't like, don't fucking start it."

That's a lie also, in fact I rarely use that language, of course I know other words that are more descriptive.

IT consultant, in your dreams, you are too FUCKING STUPID!

Maybe I'll just do something with regular expressions in Emacs, or maybe I just re-jig something I've used for something else before. The most time will be sorting your drivel out from the rest to use it as data. And I'll have to discount the "fucks" etc. in my posts that are just quotes from you, I don't want to be unfair and double dip on your shit. I'll be doing it for my own satisfaction, cause it's obvious nothing actually gets into your closed off mind.

I think you should look into a career as a professional I(rritan)T, or is that what you meant?

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

Mr Expert Sir:

""I can go through NetIdea's server from anywhere in Canada"

Yet again, you have no fucking idea of what you are saying."

I know facts don't really exist in your world, but I am so far from Nelson right now, that if netidea's server was in the UK, I would almost definitely be in some other country, or off somewhere at sea.

"As for the numbers killed, I explained the difference but each and every one is absolute fucking tragedy with mothers, wives, sons and daughters grieving while you play games and score points.

No dipwad, you didn't explain anything about "the difference." All you did was repeatedly make statistical claims that weren't supported by the numbers, your own numbers, I might add. Maybe you thought you explained something, but an explanation has to account for the facts and follow the rules of logic, two things you don't seem to have much of a grip on.

I agree with you about the last part - the tragedy it is for the soldiers and their families.

"No, you prefer to talk of childhood sexual abuse and use repetitive labels in amongst assorted abuse."

You might have me confused with Larry, you seem to get confused easily, or you are just confused permanently. Your "momma's basement" has nothing to do with sex or child abuse, or at least I didn't think so. Often guys who spend 24/7 spewing nonsense online turn out to be hanging out in their mommy's basement not actually you know......having a life. But then I don't really know what all you do down there do I? Other than the toxic crap you share with us of course.

kootcoot said...

Insentient One:

"All of that banking, and therefore control runs through, and has always run through the City of London and the Bank of England."

I thought it was the Jews, make up your mind (oh yeah, what mind?). Or maybe the Jews run the Bank of England, what would I know, I'm just a brain dead vagina.

I hope you can understand this, I didn't add any gratuitous profanity.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

I am going to leave it, but first I would like to point out in response to your ongoing implication that I haven't been a soldier because I lack the courage. Because I have taken responsibility for my own moral decisions and thus have refused to go kill people with whom I have no argument to make money for people for whom I have no respect doesn't mean I'm too frightened to fight to defend something I believe in or to take risks.

I spent many years high-lead logging much of it involving trees bigger than you have ever seen, unless you have been to the Redwoods or Haida Gwaii. I would probably be in greater danger back in the woods than in Afghanistan as just last year over 40 loggers were killed in the bush in BC alone, almost as many as total Canadian casualties in Afghanistan for the last three years or more - I had numerous close calls in my day and like you claim to have done, saw other people mangled or killed, sights I would certainly been happy not to have experienced. One of my sons-in-law was killed in the woods, falling (that's what we call cutting down trees, limey), about five years ago, so don't tell me about danger, risk or loss, asshole!

You are basically a small minded hate filled person who would rather blame the Jews, the blacks, the browns, the reds and the yellows for all that is wrong with the world, than try to actually understand anything. Then there is the whole "I'm Mr. Tough Guy" pose, I found that most people who pose as Mr. Tough Guy are compensating for the fact that in reality they are little wimpy scared girly men. I would be thrilled if all people of your ilk were at least as far away from me as you are. I would rather live in Watts than share space with you or your type.

I am so impressed that you can find my IP, congratulations. Still I am not on vacation, I am at home and I am not in or near Nelson - the server I am going though right now is in Nelson though and WOW, you can even figure out the Long-Lat, will wonders never cease. BTW I can actually access it from anywhere in the world, but outside Canada phone line charges might be a problem, unless I wanted to steal. Also that particular IP you showed me - I haven't used that particular IP number in well over a week, nine or ten days, did it take you that long to find somebody to help you track it down?

Have you noticed, Larry and Coyote appear to have lost interest in your spews and I must admit I have as well. Also I must admit I do find you very irritating but basically irrelevant. When you get right down to it I've run into people that can even hate with more intelligence and style than you, and as I pointed out before, you seem to have been born totally lacking any semblance of a sense of humor, so ta ta.

Coyote said...

Amen, Koot. You about nailed this fascist twit with this one. Take care, bro. This guy is a simple regurgitator. Not worth the attempt to engage in a serious discussion.

He's just a mouther of bigorty and hate. Leave him to stew in his own juicess.

Eh bro, we live close enough that I'm going to hafta make an effort, as the snow goes and the warm weather returns, to get your way and see ya.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

Shit for brains, this is it, I'm going into treatment so I can learn to ignore you and not respond to your crap.

You really sound like someone who needs a jump suit with sleeves that attach in the back.

You continue to outshine yourself with your ignorance. I never said I was a faller, but of course you probably don't know what "high-lead" is - by the way I was also a "high rigger", climbing trees to turn them into spars, or back spars etc. My late son in law was the faller, I would love to see you try that for a week, if you didn't run away from sheer terror or exhaustion, you would kill yourself within a week - which would be fine with me, iow, I have not problem with that!

Obviously some injuries or fatalities in the woods are the result of mistakes. But falling trees or moving logs up and down steep side hills is at least useful, unless you don't wipe you ass or read books,(oops I guess you don't need wood fibre for for those two things) or avail your self of any of the myriad benefits of wood and wood fibre.

Logging is as I said more useful than going half way around the world to kill people for people like Blair, Bush and Cheney. Also it is not as "stupid" as intruding your self into people's yard or home halfway around the world and then feeling hard done by if they shoot at you or blow you up. If I saw you uninvited in my back yard I would bury you there. Get run over by a tank or squashed by a 15' diameter tree, 170'tall, either one is a violent death, or crippling injury, but only one of them is often senseless and it ain't the logger. You really don't respect anybody, I mean saying every logger killed is the result of stupidity, you just don't fucking get it do you?

I'm going to quit responding because you just repeat the same crap no matter what is pointed out to you - to wit:

""I am so impressed that you can find my IP, congratulations"

You really don't have a fucking clue do you??!!!"

As I said you have no sense of humor, I was being facetious (look it up). I told you I'm a geek, everybody doesn't have to be one-dimensional like you, and finding an IP address or where an IP address leads etc. isn't exactly rocket science.

"Still I am not on vacation, I am at home and I am not in or near Nelson"

Yes you are; I KNOW you are. "

I must be dreaming, I am not now, in or near Nelson and haven't been close to it since you showed up to show us how grown-up (maybe) adolescents can use a potty mouth. But who knows maybe I'm on drugs and I really am in Nelson, pretty sure I'm not though, and I do know where Nelson is (I don't need your Long-Lat to find it) and I have been there, but not lately. But I'll check again, since you KNOW!

Now maybe you should read slow for this part because I thought I explained all this, but not down to your level, I guess.

"Dial-up to access the internet? How outdated."

I live in God's country, there isn't even a town of 10,000 people within 100 miles or more in any direction. So I don't have many of the options that people who live stacked up shoulder to shoulder on little islands or in big cities have. I'm certainly not complaining, it is my choice, but where I am now the internet wasn't even available for all practical purposes a few years ago as there was no service provider within a local call and many people had party lines. Oh in case you don't realize - it would be kind of rude to tie up a four or six party line surfing the 'net.

Now I could have satellite (Expensive), DSL more expensive than it is worth to me, but cable isn't within at least fifty miles of me, and the cable there is really shitty service, worse than my dial-up for my needs. A shitty uptime/downtime ratio and not all that fast either.

Since I don't have to down load feature length porn day and night, I get no benefits from better service than I currently lease and my dial-up I jokingly call "broadband dial-up" because I am close to the switch and with a download manager and FTP have no problem moving even large files in both directions promptly. I do data base work for an outfit in Oregon and we regular exchange back and forth immense amounts of data.

"Also that particular IP you showed me - I haven't used that particular IP number in well over a week, nine or ten days"

March 5, that's the last time I used that IP - yesterday, not at all, not even one like, that you could have mis-copied, mind you I am not the only person that uses NetIdea.

No, its the same one from March 13th when you checked to see if any more comments were posted in that post about you.

As I said above, nope, maybe somebody else that we've told about your crap visited your site. Or somebody that saw your crap at our place and wanted to step in the whole pile over at the Sentinel. Not only do you not know where I am, you don't even know who you are tracking - remind me not to hire you if I need a "security consultant" or whatever you are today.

"You lying cunt."

Have to have some gratuitous potty mouth!

"You wouldnt know when they change your IP address, in any case you old fool."

Well not only do I know what IP I am assigned at the moment, but can check on what IP I was using on -- for example July 17, 2003 at 3:00pm, -- if I was online at all at the time. Again with the bullshit "old fool."

"Like you two aren't up each others chocolate starfishes and down each others throats every day."
A lot of folks would delete this, but since I didn't say it the only person it embarrasses is you - it sorta shows the level of your discourse. It's really up to Coyote, but as far as I'm concerned that should stay as a classic example of your magical way with words. BTW, I have never actually met Coyote in meat space, though this summer we may actually get together - but we are friends. I talk to you online also, but I don't consider you a friend, more like a really graphic example of a complete shit for brains, shit gargling poser and all around asshole. Bye

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

BTW, who is the blond boy, shown from the backside on your blog? Is that what you think you look like, or is it your sweetheart? Maybe that's what made Larry suspect he was talking to a Man/Boy Love Assoc. member - it used to surprise me how many Neo-Con fascists are homo kiddie fuckers.

"that's what soldiers do: Follow orders."

And that's why criminals like Hitler, Stalin, Blair, Bush and Ehud Olmert can continue to get away with their outrages against humanity. BTW, at Nuremburg it was established that "just following orders" was no excuse for checking your own moral responsibility at the door.

The bravest soldier in the US Army these days is Lt. Watada, and so far it has been so apparent that he is in the right that even the (oxymoron alert) Military Justice system is tripping over itself trying to prove he isn't right - Right now it is Lt. Watada 1 - US Army JAG 0. In fact it is likely that his prosecution is over, though his future as an officer is probably over. However once he realized how the army is a tool being used by greedy old men for their own enrichment, he probably doesn't want to be any part of it unless he could help effect change.

BTW, Lt. Watada volunteered to go to Afghanistan, though I can't remember for sure he may have already been there, but the issue was that he felt the Iraq invasion was illegal and immoral and it was his moral responsibility to refuse to participate in that adventure.

AssWipe - Yeah you use recycled asswipe, pre-used sheets that you lick first for a snack? What do you fuckin' think recycled wood fibre products are recycled from? For someone who has done all that you claim, it is amazing that you didn't manage to learn any thing. Well, I'm sorry, you did learn how to be an asshole.

"One minute it is your IP address and then it isn't."

Frankly, the above statement is true.

The only thing you've got right is that I often log in to the internet via a server in Nelson belonging to NetIdea. I would think a super qualified IT security expert would know about DHCP - I may have used a half dozen or more addresses at NetIdea alone yesterday. Then I have a shell account on another server elsewhere and sometimes I use proxies.

"Whatever, and believe me I am not tracking you- I have absolutely no need.

If I have did, and I was being paid, I would find your exact spot very fast."

If you say so, I mean you know everything, so can probably do anything as well. Just FYI, interestingly I was assigned exactly 16 different IPs at NetIdea on the 13 and 14 of March. None of them were

Of course you don't have a clue about any other servers I use on occasion.

"I know it was you, and I know you were there again today."

You state this as if it were a fact, but since I know where I was I don't really care where you think I was - you obviously inhabit a universe where facts are whatever you say they are.

""A lot of folks would delete this, but since I didn't say it the only person it embarrasses is you"

Not me mate, not one iota."

It's pretty obvious you don't embarrass easily or you wouldn't post the scatalogical, fact-free drivel that you do on the internet where people can read it, if they can hold their nose long enough.

If you are as manly as you claim, you won't mind letting me know if you plan to visit my yard. Not that I need a warning, but it will give me a chance to dig your hole in advance. Then all I'll need to do is shovel in the rest of the fill, besides you, and call my friends over to party, drink a whole bunch of beer and piss on the fill.

Cheerio poser!

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

inSentient One :

You are so full of bullshit that I can save myself the effort of digging a hole for you as you will be much more useful spread over my garden.

As I said somebody, probably lots of people, from NetIdea visited your shit pile of a blog over the last couple of days, cause I know I've been telling all my friends about your shit pile, and many of my local friends use NetIdea also. I only assume that from what you say, as I don't track visitors to your blog. One other thing I should point out is that who said anything about "simultaneous" connections?

"Your IP address may change around once a month as the ISP client list populates and depopulates but certainly no more frequently then that."

I am assigned a new IP address each time I reconnect, remember I have dial-up. I do not have a "static" IP address, I am not permanently connected to the internet either.

at NetIdea:
NetRange: I get assigned an IP
=> and =< though generally, but not always it is
> and <

NetHandle: NET-207-194-0-0-1
Parent: NET-207-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Allocation

At the moment I am, but will be disconnecting Shortly.who knows what I'll be assigned next time, not you, that's for sure. Of course you don't know much except how to hate and use a potty mouth.

That was a good guess that I had a 56K modem, well, not really. Though I do have a couple slower external modems kicking around, why would I want to use them today.

Larry Gambone said...

"It was also firmly established that the principles of justice can be overruled and ignored when it suits- like formulating vague charges to fit crimes after the act."

You think the Nuremberg trials were wrong then Sentinel?

What do you think about the Holocaust? Did it hapen or did the Allies invent it?

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Larry Gambone said...

I have some more questions for you Sentinel. You mentioned earlier that the Spanish and Portugese were not of the so-called White Race since they were mixed with Arabs and Blacks. Could you not say similar things about Southern French, most Italians, and Greeks? After all, Southern France was invaded by Arabs and has had a large influx of Greeks and Italians over the centuries. Italians are mixed with Arabs and Greeks and the Greeks are mixed with Turks. And what about in the North with Finns, Russians and Ukrainians mixed with Asians?

Do you believe in the "One Drop" idea of the Old South segs?

I note you also believe that the so-called White Race is superior to other races. Does this mean that the Chinese, Indians and Japanese are somehow inferior to whites. And last but not least, are Jews also Whites?

kootcoot said...

So where do you figure I am shit for brains - am I on Kingsway in Burnaby or on Front Street in Nelson?

You can't imagine how impressed I am that you either know how or have a friend (although I would be surprised if you had a friend, period)that knows how to do a DNS query.

Well I've gotta go hide now, cause I'm sure you will be springing out of my phone jack M-16 ablaze any minute now.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

Sentinel, perhaps if Northern Europe and North America quit exploiting the so called "third world" for its resources and cheap labour, people there wouldn't feel so compelled to go elsewhere.

By the way, as to:

"I have told you quite a few times now I am not tracking you and have no desire to know where your nest is. The way you talk to people it very well may be that you end up provoking someone else, far less stable, to tracking you and I want nothing to do with it. Although your tag might help them- Vast Hurtland, British Columbia."

Does this mean I don't have to keep my phone jack covered?

Vast Hurtland oughta really help somebody pin my location down as the Vast Hurtland is only four or five times the size of the UK, that's the whole thing, Ireland, Scotland etc.

Actually a lot of your last comment posting was interesting, and I even agree with many of the points you mentioned regarding migrations and invasions in the past. However it is obvious, as I have mentioned before, that you don't have a sense of humor and wouldn't recognize humor if it bit you. But I don't care, I don't have to live with your hateful, joyless world view.

By the way, I don't mind you showing up at my place, but notice it has a focus and subject. It is not about the criminality of the "other people" or war heroes or IT Wizards, it is about BC Politics. Even then it is mainly about the corruption of the Campbell Crime Family. So if you have any understanding of or ideas about BC Politics you are welcome to contribute. It is called House of Infamy and here and there I explain why, it is not called Freedom of Speech. And my comments are not moderated no matter what you might think. However if you come there and trip off about irrelevant bullshit your comments will simply be deleted as the waste of space they would be.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Larry Gambone said...

Thanks for responding to my questions, Sentinel. I have a couple of observations if you don't mind.

You have noted at some length in the past about the criminality, alleged low culture etc of non-whites groups. How then, given your views, do you deny seeing this in terms of inferior-superior? You imply over and over again that whites are somehow more cultured, more advanced technologically. In the 19th Century when the sort of ideas you uphold were first fully developed, simple technologies and alleged low cultural development were used as evidence for the racial inferiority of non-white groups.

Your ideas were mainstream circa 1910. Wilson, Churchill and Roosevelt all believed as you do. Even Marx and Bakunin had racial attitudes that would make the average person today wince. But today, such views are the domain of neo-nazis – though not exclusively so. The race concepts that you uphold, plus the idea of Jews as a malevolent force, plus hatred of the left are all attributes of Nazi ideology. How can you blame us for thinking you are some kind of neo-nazi? Look at it this way. Suppose I went at great length about how we need a vanguard party to lead the workers. Should I be offended if someone accuses me of being a Marxist Leninist? We are known by the views we hold.

It is possible you are someone who regards the world as did the luminaries I just mentioned and not a neo-Nazi at all. But then you speak of being a nationalist. Smart neonazis don't go around waving swastikas and babbling about the Protocols. They try to be more mainstream, but still attack immigrants, leftists, Jews. “Nationalist” is the term they frequently use to describe themselves, as in British National Party, Front National, etc. There is nothing wrong with this soft-peddling, by the way, we anarchists do it all the time calling ourselves “syndicalists” and “libertarian socialists” to people who might be put off by the label “anarchist.”

Given your views – that there is a White Race and only a minority of light skinned people actually belong to it – as you point out in your previous post – it is no wonder you are fearful of immigrants and us mixed-race folks. In your view, you belong to a tiny minority of the world's population – a few hundred million at most out of a population of 6 billion.

I know it would do any good, but if you could actually see the world as it is seen by contemporary social science and not that of 100 years ago you could be less fearful. There is not an anthropologist in the world that would agree with you. Put simply, there is no White Race. People with light skins are members of the Caucasian Race, the majority of which are brown skinned.

kootcoot said...

Sentinel, you really need to try to comprehend what you read from time to time.

"In the latest mass immigration victim countries the same is true: not only do they not need immigration for'emplyemnt' gaps, but it is costing the counties tens of millions to sustain them on the dole- they are NOT needed at all.

I wasn't talking about bringing them into Europe to work there as cheap labor (like Mexicans in the US), but exploiting their resources and labour at the source. Stealing resources like oil, strategic metals and paying almost nothing and then that which is paid to an elite in that country. And establishing sweat shops in various third world countries and enslaving those countries through the policies of the World Bank and its ilk. Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

You just run off at the mouth with your pre-conceived bullshit without even making an attempt to understand what the other person is saying and thus actually responding to what they said.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

Larry said: "In your view, you belong to a tiny minority of the world's population – a few hundred million at most out of a population of 6 billion."

Then you - Sentinel - said:

"We do and we will be wiped out very soon.

I have written many posts about it."
duh! Do you write about much of anything else?

I say what are you waiting for, it's not like you and your ilk will be missed. So don't try to delay your demise on my account.

My statement regarding cheap labour was only ambiguous to a bigot who refuses to even attempt to understand anything but his preconceived bullshit.

BTW, you're really starting to lose it or something - your spelling gets worse by the day. I expect better from a superior being like yourself.

"The vast majority of us are not exploiting anyone."

You are speaking of people like me, yeah. It is the multinational corporations that are exploiting the little brown, yellow, black and red people where they come from. And soldiers of Empire, such as yourself, are defending the interests of the corporations. So as I see it you are very complicit.

If people didn't go over there and abuse and exploit people, perhaps the people wouldn't be so motivated to leave their home. Most people would prefer to stay where they were born and their family are, if they can imagine the possibility of a decent future there.

kootcoot said...

You are correct that many scientists are bought and paid for, but you then go astray and turn into a climate change denier. Are you perhaps jealous of these scientists? After all, they pay you much less than $1500 per diem and you will kill whoever they tell you to kill. Compared to a Mafia hit-man you are a cut-rate bargain basement assassin. And you are willing to do volume for cheap.

The Sentinel said...
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The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is what gordo, Ralphy and Harper are all about the Bush NWO, scary shite.