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Monday, March 05, 2007

The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan

Gangster State Hypocrisy

Now how long have we, in this country and the world, been listening to shit like this coming out of the US Empire and its political class goon squad? Like they were some divinely sent state of political saints, given the right to rule the world and preach to its multitudes of lesser peoples, including us? And mete out its archangel punishment.

SYDNEY, Australia — U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday that China's recent anti-satellite weapons test and rapid military buildup were "not consistent" with its stated aim of a peaceful rise as a global power.

In a speech in Sydney after visiting Japan, Cheney also expressed wariness about North Korea's commitment to a landmark deal on ending its nuclear programs.
Here they are, the US Empire, with just about a world monopoly on nuclear weapons and an almost infinite array of weapons of mass destruction, which they have never been shy about using, typically against lesser, backward or poverty stricken people and states, or one's already crushed by them, preaching about peace, freedom and international law like they were the State Pope over the World, without moral contradictions of their own, especially against Iran and North Korea of late as well, about their sudden rush to develop nuclear technology. (Indeed, thus far, the US Empire is the only state in the world to have ever actually used nuclear weapons, not once but twice against mass city "civilian" targets, of a state, Japan, with which it was at war and had already effectively defeated.) Additionally, this is the state that has invaded more countries over the entire post WWII period, down to and continuing into the present day, in nearly ever global hemisphere and region in the world than all other big or small power states of the world combined.

Hell folks, given the continuing record of this global gangster state, it's a bloody wonder every other country in the world isn't in the process of developing nuclear weapons,including us, and all other weapons of mass destruction, as a defence against precisely this rogue state, the US Empire. Think about it and connect the dots, let go of the true believer sentimentality, colonial mindset that has victimized us all for too goddamn long, and nowhere more than in this country Canada-, it is this state, the US Empire, not Iran or North Korea even, China or Russia, let alone poor Iraq with its dummy despot Saddam, or Afghanistan, that is the main threat to the peace and well being of the world, including Canada.

From the same article on the Fox News web site:

Cheney praised China for playing an "especially important" role in the negotiations that resulted in the North Korea deal, under which the North is to seal its main nuclear reactor and allow international inspections in exchange for fuel oil.

"Other actions by the Chinese government send a different message," Cheney told the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, a private organization that promotes ties between the two countries.

"Last month's anti-satellite test, China's continued fast-paced military buildup are less constructive and are not consistent with China's stated goal of a peaceful rise," he said.

Well, Lord liftin' bejezzus, it you still ain't convinced of the gangster hypocrisy of this rogue state that is the US Empire, consider this bit of recent news, which I first heard on one of the TV news stations, I can't remember which, and went looking for it, and found the story here. (Though it is in many places on line with a simple Google search.)

Israel Nuclear Facility at Dimona
photo taken by US Corona Spy Satellite

Bush Pushes Nuclear Weapons Development in US
By Sarah Olson
t r u t h o u t | Report

Friday 01 September 2006

In the face of increased Congressional opposition to US nuclear weapons development, the Bush administration appears to be making an end run around governmental checks and balances. The bizarrely named Divine Strake project is a 700-ton explosive experiment, first scheduled to detonate at the Nevada Test Site in June of this year. Thanks to furious grass-roots opposition to the proposal, Divine Strake has been twice delayed, and is currently projecting a detonation date of no sooner than early 2007.

But as the Department of Defense attempts to justify this explosion, many say the government is simply obfuscating and delaying: the blast, they say, is a simulated nuclear explosion designed to provide important test and calibration data for existing and possibly new nuclear weapons. It will happen at the Nevada Test Site after the elections, and it will kick up a 10,000-foot mushroom cloud potentially full of Cold War-era radioactive dust.

Further, as the UN Security Council deadline for Iran to halt its uranium enrichment program passes, and hostilities throughout the Middle East increase, many find the possible threat of US nuclear weapons development to be an unnecessary exacerbation of hostilities. The Bush administration, they say, is engaging belligerent nuclear swashbuckling, and as a result, it is putting US citizens in danger.
What is occurring here, according to both anti-war and environmental critiques of this attempt to develop a new generation of "low radiation yield" tactical nuclear weapons is firstly:

There are two largely interconnected types of objection to the Divine Strake explosion. The first is that Divine Strake appears to be a test to simulate a nuclear weapons explosion, and as such it puts the United States on a path towards a new generation of nuclear weapons. The second is that if Divine Strake were to be detonated at the Nevada Test Site, the blast is likely to unsettle radioactive dust from the Cold War-era nuclear tests.
And this concern extends into the US Congress itself:

Utah Congressman Jim Matheson wrote DTRA's director that he was greatly concerned that Divine Strake was an attempt to build low-yield nuclear devices. The DTRA budget, Matheson writes, "states that the demonstration 'will develop a planning tool that will improve the warfighter's confidence in selecting the smallest proper nuclear yield necessary to destroy underground facilities while minimizing collateral damage.' That sounds like preparation for a low-yield nuclear weapon to me."

While DTRA's Irene Smith declined to comment on whether Divine Strake would provide information for nuclear weapons, she did say that it "is part of the Hard Target Defeat program that develops and demonstrates new weapons, delivery concepts and planning capabilities to defeat hard and deeply buried targets. The improved computer model planning tools that are expected from the Divine Strake experiment could eventually help give combatant commanders greater operational flexibility and confidence in their ability to defeat hardened and deeply buried targets."
In general, DTRA has been reticent on whether they were testing for the effects of nuclear weapons, but they officially declined to rule it out. Hans Kristensen, at the Federation of American Scientists, reported that on April 3rd, DTRA acknowledged in written correspondence that Divine Strake was "a low-yield nuclear weapons calibration simulation against an underground target."
This confirmation alarmed peace and environmental activists. "The reason you want to see the effect of the impact of a weapon is to see if the weapon works," says Vanessa Pierce, director of the environmental advocacy group HEAL Utah.
Beginning to get the picture. Think US Naval ships at sea, in the Gulf off Iran, and Irans yet, insofar as anybody actually knows, peaceful nuclear enrichment programme. (And if it is not peaceful, how e'er regrettable and unfortunate for us all, can one really blame them in this situation they are in with this gangster US Empire State. I can't.)

And this is done in the face of increased global tension regarding nuclear weapons development programs. "The hypocrisy is incredible. You cannot preach temperance from a barstool. And that's precisely what the Bush administration is doing," says Pierce. "Divine Strake sends a message to other nations. It escalates the value of nuclear weapons in the eyes of those who seek to attack this country."
Again, the US Empire speaks to itself and its merry band of true believers out of one side of its mouth, and to the remaining Axis of Evil World that is everyone else who "doesn't believe" out of quite the other side of its mouth. Except the rest of the world is not ignorant of these US nuclear war plans, as Washington seems to think, or more likely, simply doesn't give a shit.

"It's our fucking way, or the highway," one can hear the Whitehouse Neoconazi planners all singing in chorus, eyes cast heavenward.

From Al Jazeera, for example March 7th:

US develops new nuclear warheads
The US is to replace nuclear warheads
more than 20 years old [AP]
The United States has announced that it has selected the design for a new generation of nuclear warheads.

The bombs will be built for the country's sea-based nuclear arsenal and will replace ageing Cold War-era stock, US officials said.

The decision comes as the administration of George Bush, the US president, is seeking to curb attempts by Iran and North Korea to develop their nuclear programmes.

"When the US says we're going to build new nuclear weapons, and we go to Iran and say you cant have nuclear weapons at all, that is just going to be one more reason why the folks in Iran ... are going to dismiss it as US hypocrisy," John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a security information wesbite, told Al Jazeera.
Additionally, in my view, the danger of a wider Middle East, and possibly even global battlefield in the evolving US Empire "permanent war" plan, is suddenly growing exponentially with new developments likely to be seen soon in the much anticipated Taliban spring offencive in Afghanistan, the Hezbollah drive for a greater share of power in Lebanon, and in the recent joint war gaming exercise of Russia and China in Asia, to which Iran and Venezuala were invited to send observers. In that context of a new and more globalized battle field danger, low yield tactical nuclear weapons offer the advantage of maximum damage to ones enemies at minimal risk to oneself, especially as part of a "first strike" strategy.

The danger to the peace and well being of the world, including this country, continues to grow. And the main source of that danger is not Iran or North Korea, or even larger and more strategically capable military foes such as Russia and China. Which does not mean that they are saints either. But it is the US Empire.

They speak otherwise to a compliant Western media of course, such as is our own, but it is an increasingly transparent, duplicitous, deceitful and hypocritical ideological manifestation, such as underpins its gangster's Empire view of the world, as it fights for turf and control of a vast economic rackets system on a global scale. (2/3 of the worlds total supply of illegal drugs are consumed in the United States. There are more people imprisoned in the United States, mostly poor and black, than anywhere else in the world.)

Time to wake up and smell the coffee, before it all really does show up home here as well, while we are over there, about holding this gangster's coat, wiping its ass and doing its flunky work, which involves our troops dying. We have need of our own military forces here, making the preparations as may be necessary to defend our own country against this real enemy of the peace and our own national well being.


The Sentinel said...
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Coyote said...

Actually, you are again full of it, Sentinel. The facts are that since the formal end of the so-called Cold War, the US and Russia have, or at least "had" up until recently, been co-operating on "de-comminisioning" the old Soviet nuclear arsenal. In order to facilitate that, the US has been, and sofar as I know is still conducting "inspections" there,and providing a number of ongoing cash, trade and "political" incentives for the new "Putin's Capitalist Russia" to continue that stockpile reduction.

Most recently however, the understanding seems to be that this process, if not stopped, has at least been cut severely back by the Russians, and new research and development is apparently underway. (If US sources are to be believed.) And this has been going on and much influenced by Russian moves to rebuild their military, in much disarray after its defeat in Afghanistan and the collapse of the USSR, driven by Russian alarm and concerns as US imperialism has been moving its influence and interferences into the Baltic states primarily but elsewhere in regions bordering Russia, including Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan-, its old "spheres of influence".

Estimates I've read though, largely from US and European sources, is that they are still much behind US Empire capacity, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

China's programme, after a start in the 1950s and some successes,
("China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb (October 16, 1964), launched its first nuclear missile (October 25, 1966), and detonated its first hydrogen bomb (June 14, 1967." Much behind US development dates.) for complex reasons, see: http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/china/nuke.htm
did not really get going until 1976. And while they certainly have
A nuclear capacity, it is unable
to be seriously quanitified and is
"thought" by the best US estimates I can access, to certainly be nowhere near that of the US.

And they are likewise though to not have a great deal of long range delivery capacity-, which it is thought they are in a current stage of developing. (There has been some significant tests of such delivery systems, again, in recent times-, as well much influenced by US Empire military behaviours in Middle and Far East regions too close for comfort to themselves.

So your conclusions re Soviet and Chinese capacity are, as best can be determined by anyone, highly unlikely to outright wrong. All of which is changing rapidly, however, and escalating the global danger as a result of "expansionist" US Empire behaviours in many parts of the world, again, too close for comfort to both Russia and China-, and driving them both back into a strategic military alliance and war gaming with each other. This latter gaming which has assumed some spectacular show performances only last year.

In any case, you really need to ask yourself the simple question as to what is the main problem driving this renewed nuclear and military drive in both Russia and China, as well as Iran and North Korea. The immediately apparent answer, to all but the most rightwing nutbar, who see "the Jews" behind and controlling everything negative and harmful Amerika does, is simple enough: Theories of "never ending war" coming out of the Neoconazi think tanks close to the current Washington Whitehouse, along with imperialist wars for hegemony and empire in the Middle (And yes, there are religious Jews in these neoconazi think tanks that "strategize and theorize" for the White House, such as Pearle and Wolfowitz, but there are also other religiously influenced individuals as well, more typically Christians of one sect or another.)

If you can manage to free your thinking of your obsession with Jews and others of your so-called Untermenschen, or racial and ethnic inferiors such as still oppressed and impoverished US blacks, you might actually begin to develop a serious and credible analysis.)

Coyote said...

As for Canada's "absorption", which you suggest is already inevitable, and that such resistance is futile-, we shall have to see. It much depends on whether or not the country can wake up fast enough and smell the coffee, and then quickly and effectively enough prepare its resistance.

I am certainly not prepared to say that you are certainly wrong yet, however. Though it is certain that you are only really "speculating" at this point, the same as I. (Though you are fond of presenting your raving, racial and other speculations as actual, irreversible fact. Of which we do see much evidence in your "writing" here. :-D LOL

The Sentinel said...
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Coyote said...

First, I refer you to the following Wikipedia site, not always entirely accurate, but generally so as often as near all.


(Cut and paste into browser.)

The critical elements outside of sheer numbers however, which are "roughly" in balance, are the current state of one's military, but especially the level of development of delivery systems.
Also, much more is known about the level and state of Russian stockpiles and their state, generally abysmal and much of it deteriorated and unusable, similaryly their rocket silos, because of the greater willingness to disarm and submit to inspection following the collapse of the old USSR. (Which is changing again now however, as a consequence of US Empire belligerent behaviours.) But also an important factor is demonstrated willingness to use, which thus far only the US has actually used, and is engaged in an aggressive empire building strategy in the world, especially the Middle East.

The policy there, as well as through the Baltic and the old Eastern Europe has been to build alliances, station actual forces and tighten the ring around Russia, which actually acts, thus far, only within its own borders. Ditto China essentially, though we could have a quarrel, maybe even agreement about Tibet, and Chechnya in the case of Russia. Save for these exceptions, which are issues no doubt, it is still largely only the US Empire and its flunky states such as Canada, and NATO, which by and large have actual military forces based, occupying and active outside their own home territory.

And what has the US Empire to gain from the war in Iraq?

Well, actually, at least they originally thought they could cake walk through Iraq, being greeted as "liberators", to secure surety of supply and control over Iraq's extensive oil reserves. Though this has proven thus far, as a consequence of insurgent resistance, largely undoable. Still the intent was...

Ditto Afghanistan, which was already in negotiation with the Taliban, prior to 911, (and though except for one Egyptian, all the terrorists were actually Saudi nationals), for the right to build an oil pipeline from the northern 'stan countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan, again countries of traditional "Russian sphere of influence", their equivalent of Latin America to the US, and ringing the Russian border frontiers, to transport oil to the Arabian Sea, US bound tankers, and home to power the industry and cars of Amerika.

So, clearly, even given a shared US and Israeli interest in some Middle East "control" regards, I would suggest, rather than the US Empire being a marionette of Israeli influence, though there is clearly a back and forth interplay that always goes on in such "Empire arrangements", where there is a shared "need", there is no small legitimacy in saying that the US Empire has a demonstrated interest in Israel helping it control the Middle East, in order for the US to secure its own interest in the regions resources and markets etc.(i.e. hegemony). And in order for Israel to be of use to the Empire in this, it must actually survive over the legitimacy of the competing Palestinian claim.

As for "Jewish" influence within the US, which is no doubt extensive, the same is doubtless true for many other "special interests" or "conspiracies", such as we have previously discussed and you simply ignore, with your ad nauseum racist assertions, as are always jostling for position and "influence" within capitalism everywhere; the Catholic and Evangelical religious influence, which is likely a major if not dominant, at least significant "special interest", outside of that "special class interest" which really rules and drives the capitalist system; the wealthy ruling "corporate business class" .

And there are clearly many other more minor "conspiracies" that work within "limited" so-called capitalist democracy as well, including a lesser influence attempt on the part of the working class, or the more organized elements of it at least.

Like I say, you really do need to reduce the Aryan narrowness of your analysis, though I really do understand your desire to spout an anti-Jewish racial theory, while at the same time desiring to escape being tarred with the "Nazi brush. Still, it is clear to anyone that seriously listens to you, that while you desire to avoid the old "Mein Kampf" language "forms", the essential fascist content is still there within you, for all your wiggling to avoid recognition.

The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coyote said...

You discredit my use of a Wikipedia source, and then further along in your fascist rant, you yourself give it as a reference to back up your claims.

(Nazism was but a particular German manifestation of fascism, though Nazi groups are also found in the US AND perhaps even here today. England I am less certain of. A Nazi by any other name remains a fascist just the same.)

Which is okay, so long as we both acknowledge that there are some issues with Wikipedia, though it generally proves out to be accurate enough.

Other than that, you and I could chase each other's tails all day long, only still to discover that we have two different analyses proceeding from two different world view foundations and, are never going to agree.

Though, at least, you make a tacit admission of the fascist roots of your analysis-, which is about as much fundamental honesty as can likely be expected from yourself.

That said, the attempt to blame Israel and US Jews as the tail that wags the US Empire dog, has its roots more in your fascist race/ethnicity based "belief system", even allowing for actual extensive Jewish influence in the US, along with other important influence sources, than any real understanding of the internal ruling class and global geopolitical and economic forces at work, driving US imperialism on. (The fact is, religious Jews of many races and ethnicities, there not being a single one for a very long historical time now, over the 2000 year history of the Jewish Diaspora, make up greater numbers of citizens of the US than exist in Israel today. Where it is likely mixed again with all the races extant there. And given there numbers, of course they will exert a significan influence, that is called democracy, along with many internal other "conspiracies" such as Evangelicals and Catholics etc. The full reality is, there has not been a single "Jewish" racial group or ethnicity for a very, very long time now. Jews in fact have long become part of practically/ actually every "racial/ethnic" group on the globe, from many parts of Africa, to India, China and European, and indistinguishable from them, even genetically-, save for their religion. Judaism is today a religion, not an ethnicity, though some parts of it retain yet, an "ethnic" sentimentality. Which is part of the underlying lie of Zionist Israel ideology. Zionism, as is Nazism for the Germans, being the particular form of fascism amongst Israelis.)

And it is part of the lie of other fascisms as well, if directed toward a different purpose, which is to get the "white race" off the hook for its fuckups and incompetences, and to serve likewise to get the capitalist corporate ruling class off the hook for its fuckups.

"Blame the Jews!" When and as it is convenient, as well as blacks and other "non-Aryan" races.

It is the limitation and failure of your analysis, why discussions between the two of us cannot progress, and the source of the fundamental pointlessness of this debate. Why it always hangs up, goes nowhere, and becomes a waste of my good time at least.

You but merely keep returning here, sidestepping the questions inconvenient to and incompatible with your fascist ideological analysis, as if they had never been answered, repeating yourself ad nauseum. (And that is not to say that you have not made "any" points.)

Which is enough for me, for now at least :-). lol

kootcoot said...

Sentinel, so you've still remembered how to breath, sometimes knowing "everything" doesn't leave enough nervous system resources for minor crap like breathing.

No one is trying to assert that China or Russia are defenseless weaklings on the world stage. But due to small numbers of devices(China), questionable condition of much stock (Russia) and a complete lack of equivalent delivery systems, the nuclear threat posed by Russia and China pales next to that of the USA. There are also the recognized nuclear powers like Britain and France and the rogue nuke gangsters like Israel, Pakistan and India, not to mention North Korea, who I'm sure is a major threat to northern South Korea, or any place on earth if they sell a bomb to a suicide bomber type guy.

The fact is these other agents, Russia, China, India et. al. are not going to sit on the sidelines forever and watch Israel and the US do whatever they want wherever they want to do it. If Israel doesn't smarten up in its foreign policy soon enough, someday there will just be a large gravel pit next to the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean where Israel used to be.

Just out of curiosity Sentientsh**, if you were incarcerated in the US would you join the Aryan Nation, to protect your ass? By the way what are all those white guys doing in the joint? They must've have been framed or wearing blackface.

The Sentinel said...
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The Sentinel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kootcoot said...

Right pal! The only reason no one has responded isn't because your "facts" are so scary. I don't know about the others but I've been talking to my cat, she is so much smarter and perceptive than you. Thus talking to her isn't as boring and irritating.

I wouldn't sling the word enraged about around here if I were you, and expect anyone to take you seriously. You own hate and rage, at least on this blog. You are our token hateful racist, you can stay or fuck off, I don't really care. You've pretty much said everything you have to say, over, and over, and over and over.............and some of it was slightly funny the first time and all of it a total waste of bandwidth after that.

Someday you will dissolve in your own bitter hateful juices, and probably no one will really care, other than perhaps to say "good riddance!" We will have to find another token bigot, next time we are going to look for one with a brain, if that model is available in bigots. Then having a working brain and being a bigot might be mutually exclusive.

The Sentinel said...
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kootcoot said...

Idiot boy, you are always going on about those criminal immigrants. Well how about those "white" European immigrants to Australia, Africa, North America and South America (though maybe you don't consider Spanish or Portugese white). Talk about a crime spree. How many millions of black, brown and red people did they murder? How much gold, ivory and land did they steal? How many natives did they rape? In fact how many people did they steal to become slaves, but I guess that wasn't a crime, as it wasn't illegal at the time. It was just an affront to human dignity.

You only acknowledge the facts that fit your despicable world view and cancerous hate, for those you choose to hate - did you get beat up by a person of color in your childhood? I could pretty well guarantee you would get beat up by white people around here if you spewed your hate in these parts, in person.

The Sentinel said...
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kootcoot said...

FYI idiot boy, I too spent part of my youth growing up as a minority group member. I was white - but the part of Detroit I lived in was 80%+ black. I learned that assholes come in all colors and we didn't really choose our friends by color. There really doesn't have to be racial hatred but then there are hateful racists like yourself of all colors. There is a lot more to the crime statistics that you are so fond of quoting over and over and over again. Yet still you refuse to share with me your understanding of WHY these numbers exist.

You really don't read very well, I specifically asked for YOUR explanation of "THE FACTS." Instead you just do what I asked you not to do, repeated the same old stale statistics that you've repeated over and over. Are you even human or just some kind of poorly written spam-bot program?

You must have some idea of why the "other races" are so criminally inclined. But then maybe you are a only a spider-bot. Which would mean you're not even blessed with an ass, which may explain why you are so full of shit. You are an asshole though, if that gives you any consolation.

The Sentinel said...
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kootcoot said...

Insentient One:
I didn't steal anything from any indigenous people, no more than I put any Jewish people into ovens.
As a point of fact although it might offend you, I have aboriginal folks in my extended family of today, including three Objibwa/Cree grandchildren, so I don't really consider them "different" - they're family. I have spent a lot of time, energy and money fighting war and hate. In much more realistic ways than spewing bullshit from behind a keyboard. Obviously I'm not necessarily winning in my war against war, greed and hate. But at least I sleep well, knowing that win or lose I'm on the side of the angels.

Since my forefathers were comparatively recent immigrants to the New World, they didn't even kill any natives or steal any land. They simply traded the coal mines of Tyneside for the coal mines of Southern Illinois - ie the part of Illinois that the Mob couldn't intimidate. As if guys who went down in the mines everyday and maybe came out, were scared of Italian guys in suits.

It's been at least a couple generations since anyone in my family dug coal, but that was how we started out over here. I'm a logger myself and wimps from the UK, hiding behind keyboards generally don't frighten loggers or coal miners. I don't know how old I may be in relation to you, but spare me the old man stuff, as you'll have to wait awhile before you can attack me with impunity because I'm old and feeble -
as a couple local bigger young guys discovered awhile back to their dismay.

The Sentinel said...
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kootcoot said...

Dimwit: I am responding to your last dose of drivel, but am going to post it under the NAU posting. I know you've found it because I noticed the feces that you've already left there.

The Sentinel said...
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kootcoot said...

We don't add extra letter to words over here in North America just because we don't have anything else to do - since we actually have lives.
Even my doctor, who is quite educated, and white by the way, spells your name "Feces." If you want to spell you surname Faeces that's fine with me, kinda like some people are Smythes and others are Smiths and so on.

The Sentinel said...
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