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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our Motive Is Pure...
We're Canadian

by Coyote

This morning on CBC, increasingly Canada's version of CNN, there was the report of a statement by our Conservative Party's colonial Minister of Defence, Gordon O'Connor, on the impending, and clearly much worried about "spring offencive" for which Kabul and colonial Canadian along with other "Western" forces are desperately preparing. (I say "desperately", because there is much frantic searching going on right now for "tactical high-ground", bunker, artillery, and defencive positions-, and the look in the eye and tone of concern of those there is palpable, even on a TV screen.)

In any case, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor was much anxious to speak to growing criticism of the mission in this country, ensuring the media, and through them the citizenry of course, of what could only be described as the moral purity of the Canadian position and reasons for being in Kabul, Afghanistan. (And Kabul city is all that these invading forces really control with any reasonable degree of certainty.)

We have no imperial interest in Afghanistan, he said. We do not need the resources of Afghanistan.

We have a darned good case. We are there because the Afghans want us there..." he insisted.

Canadian Forces Under Attack by Taliban
from Wikipedia

Well, outside the argument that the "... Afghans want us there..", which is patently a crock, for we and the other forces assisting the US Empire ambition in Afghanistan only really securely control Kabul, and victim peoples of foreign invasion only generally tell invading forces what they want to hear and behave accordingly, at least under observation (think fear of being shipped to Guantanamo) , and attempt to make the best of a bad deal, no one is accusing this country, at least not yet, of having its own "imperial interest" in Afghanistan. (And check out the popularity of controlling US Forces there today, and doubtless those who serve them, after they killed sixteen innocent civilians following a deadly, presumably Taliban suicide attack on a US position in the north of the country. Demonstrations, last I heard, were still going on, with Afghans venting their "love" of the invader who does have an "imperial interest" there, in northern oil and a pipeline through Afghanistan.)

No, we have no "imperial" claim or interest, at least apparent, in Afghanistan, and we have no driving need for their resources. That is a given. We, but little more than a colony of the US ourselves, are there to serve "our" government's imperial master, to ingratiate ourselves to the US Empire, and tend to "its" imperial interest there and in the larger Middle East region. (It's why our navy is active in the Gulf off Iraq, for example, interdicting "suspicious" shipping and craft. We are "serving Amerika.")

Our real reasons for being there are even more pathetic than pursuit of our own imperial interest, which would merely be evil, is scarcely masked by the see through veil of a professed concern for "democracy" or even obedience to a UN mandate. We are but there as loyal "colonial flunkies", to which both the Liberals and Conservatives have reduced us, to serve the real guiding hand imperial interest in Afghanistan, as has dictated and manipulated that so-called UN mandate there with copious lies, no less than in its justifications for invading Iraq.

And that is a series of dots which even a child should be able to connect. Unless, of course, it is a Liberal or Conservative Party child. (Whether the NDP would really be any different remains to be seen. Talk is just talk until the time for action is at hand.)

The rest of Canada has good reason to look forward to the impending renewal time of this spring. Save if you are amongst our colonial military forces considering the return of spring in Afghanistan-, serving the US Empire interest there.


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