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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Call To All
Ye Activist Scribes, Artists and Agitators!

Jean Paul Marat, slain French
Revolutionary,in His Bath, pen still in hand.

If you know of and are moved by something happening in your community, in BC or anywhere in Canada, such as fits within the context of Freedom of Speech.ca, as sees itself having a rather broad and flexible mandate, write about it and send it along to me here at <coyotl@telus.net>

In addition to doing some "agitational" writing myself :-), I am always on the hunt for new material and activist writing talent, rooted in their local communities, their issues, and that of their region and, by extension, the entire country.

Likewise ye activist photographers, cartoonists and such others, with pictures of demonstrations, meetings, other situations and actions, and emerging personalities within the new movement of progressives and radicals in the country, send copies of your pictures along to us here, so that we too can better integrate ourselves into and reflect what it is "the people's movement" and communities are concerned with and engaged in.



Anonymous said...

love that fiesty spirit Coyote...you have got a great website---soon you will be linked up with bcpolitics.ca -take care -Peter . I'll send you whatever I can--and I hope others will too.

Coyote said...

I appreciate the kind words brother, of course. Glad you like it.


Just looking out the window here right now, and there's the snow covered Monashees and the snow covered foreground and trees, a round glow of the sun just peeping through the clouds hanging over them like gossamer, and behold -, a lone Robin huddled high in the branches and twigs of an Elm tree. My second in two days-, along with another tinier bird I couldn't identify, two days ago, atop a lone young green Fir, just singing his heart out, trying to call in a lady love.

Now how far away can spring really be?1?1 Eh?!

The time of renewal is at hand.:-)