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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Photo by Coyote. All rights reserved.

More Applications for Hydro Generation Development on BC Creeks, Rivers and Streams: New Westminster Water District.

Now, if you ain't getting depressed yet, by the scale of the sell-out of BCs precious waterways to private hydro power generating interests, you are a drop-dead capitalist marketplace cynic who doesn't give a fuck, unless there is a dollar sign attached to it, you ain't been paying attention and don't know what the hell is happening, or you're a brain dead git who doesn't give a rats ass for country, nature or future generations, period

I believe, if my memory serves, it was the late President Johnson of the US who warned that in the future, wars in North America could be fought over access to water . And if you can't see the warning in that and who it is directed at, then brain dead really is where you are at. And here, in the article by Peter Dimitrov below and the research into applications to develop power generation facilities on our rivers and creeks by private capitalist developers is the face of that "war" coming at us. For you have to know what set of bloated, over-developed, over-populated, diminishing water and power supply set of interests in the world is going to get the lion's share of power from this cynical development of a vital public resource and simple natural treasure. (The same ones as consume the bulk of the worlds oil supply and 2/3 of the world supply of illegal drugs.)

In time, where it is not already so, given the controlling hand and interest set that dominates NAFTA and the planned North Amerikan Union. and the preponderance of weight on the capitalist market scales, these companies are eventually going to wind up in the controlling portfolios of US corporatist interests, and along with them control of virtually all our waterways-, in addition to their already dominance over our national resources and other economic assets.

Unless.... Unless there is a sudden population awakening that occurs here and seizes the initiative and control over events away, first from this goddamn Campbell Lieberal Government and the corporate interests it serves, and secondly a goddamn economic and political system that is really anything but democratic, save in the most limited and cynical, money manipulated way. People in our communities need to be made aware of this information, and they need to be harangued and bolted awake, before everything that is theirs, or bloody well should be, is alienated and sold/stolen away from them. And movements of citizens need to be put in place, to educate and achieve this.

This Canada, do we really want that it should continue to belong to us and serve our national and people interest, or is it already lost because we just don't give a shit?

We will soon enough know.

Meanwhile, check out the planned developments for such as the Stave River, and say ZZ Creek, here in this New Westminster Water District, which is a huge district. Fuck man, you won't be able to go around scarcely a bend in these waterways without running into a goddamn private hydro power generation facility.

Fish? What fucking fish?

(By the by. Beauty fish I caught with my spanking new Pentax *ist DS, eh? Welll, out of a hundred or so pics that afternoon, sun coming through the trees. :-) Kokanee starting up Bridge Creek here, to spawn. They're in primo shape still, like light shining through bright red crystal. Catch the one just swimming away, as the one that grabs your eye is making his jump.)

Application # Water Source Water volume ft/sec Company

New Westminster Water District

C115944 Ure Cr. 547 Mkw’altsEnergy LP

Cloud Cr. 547

C117388 Ipsoot Cr. 650 Rutherford Cr. Power

Rutherford Cr. 650

C117530 Stave River 2100 BC Hydro & Power

2100 BC Hydro & Power

Stave River 2100 BC Hydro & Power

C117531 Stave River 6300 BC Hydro & Power

6300 BC Hydro & Power

“” 1600 BC Hydro & Power

C117531 Stave River 1600 BC Hydro & Power

C117533 Stave River 9450 BC Hydro & Power

C117535 Stave River 3150 BC Hydro & Power

C118520 Miller Cr. 194.23 Miller Cr. Power

C119821 Boulder Cr. 501.4 BC Hydro & Power

Wahleach Lake 501.4 BC Hydro & Power

C121116 Fire Cr. 353 Cloudworks Energy

C121469 Gurney Cr. 10.6 Friends of Pitt Lake

C122346 Stokke Cr. 212 Cloudworks (awaiting signing)

Quinton Cr. 212

Pelton Cr. 212

C122347 Douglas Cr. 388 Cloudworks EnergyAwaiting signing)

Begbie Cr. 388 Cloudwords Energy

F120303 Boulder Dr. 146,000 BC Hydro & Power

Wahleach Lake BC Hydro & Power

Z115416 Snowcap Cr. 494 Cloudworks Energy

Z115419 Gowan Cr. 318

Livingstone Cr. 318

Z115420 Rogers Cr. 353 Cloudworks Energy

Z115942 Joffre Cr. 201

Z115943 Owl Cr. 106 Cloudworks Energy

Z115958 Birkenhead River 530 Creekside Resources

Z116053 Lizzie Cr. 141 Ledcor

Z116056 Kakila Cr. 145 Ledcor

Z117402 Twin Two Cr. 35.3 Ledcor

Z116057 Pebble Cr. 251 Ledcor

Z116059 Twin One Cr. 113 Ledcor

Z116060 Billy Goat Cr. 406 Ledcor

Z116217 ZZ Cr. 4.2 Princeton Energy Inc.

Z116218 Eureka Cr. 17 Princeton Energy Inc

Z116413 ZZ Cr. 307 Cloudworks Energy

Z116414 Stave River 1547 Cloudworks Energy

Z116466 Cantelon Cr. 91. 8 Pamawed Resources

Z116446 Yola Cr. 91. 8 Pamawed Resources

Z116454 Wedge Cr. 91.8 Creekside Resources Inc

Z116497 TwentyOne Mile Cr. 53 574768 BC Ltd.

Z116561 Fitzsimmons Cr. 141 Ledcor

Z116653 Centre Cr. 81.2 Hydromax

Z116660 Bear Cr. 70.6 Hydromax

Z116661 Cogburn Cr. 215 Hydromax

Z116710 N. Allouette River 79.45 UBC Forest Research Lab

Z116711 Big Silver Cr. 1130 Cloudworks Energy

Z116849 Spuzzum Cr. 535 Interpac Resources

Z116901 Tuwasur 363. 7 Creek Power Resources

Z116902 Lillooet River 1059 Northwest Cascade Power

Z116903 North Creek 159 Creek Power Resources

Z116906 Sloquet Cr. 483.8

Z116907 S. Sloquet Cr. 88.3

Z116908 Bucklin Cr. 123.6 Northwest Cascade Power

Z116909 Carbold Cr. 377.9 Northwest Cascade Power

Z116910 Pinecone Cr. 74

Z116911 Shale Cr. 67

Z116912 ZZ Creek 113

Z116953 Post Cr. 38.8

Z117036 Pierce Cr. 3.88 Larson Farms Inc.

Z117090 Siwash Cr. 106 Hydromax

Z117092 Salsbury Cr 105.94 Alpine Power & Transmission

Salsbury Cr.(storage) 3187 ""

Terepocki Cr 105.94

Lost Creek 105.94

Lost Cr.(storage) 3187

ZZ Cr.(storage) 3187

ZZ Cr.power 105.94

Cr. (storage) 3187

Z11754 ZZ Cr.(power) 212

ZZ Cr (storage) 1427

ZZ Cr. 1427

Z117155 Skwellepil Cr 148

Skwellepil Cr.(storage) 1342

Getty Cr. 148

Getty Cr.(storage) 1342

Z117156 Roaring Cr 115.3 Alpine Power & Transmission

ZZ Cr 360

ZZ Cr 115.13

ZZ Cr. 360

Laura Cr. 115.3

Laura Cr.(storage) 360 Alpine Power & Transmission

Z117222 Chehalis River 98.9

(storage) 1249

Z117227 ZZ Cr 385

Winslow Cr. 385

( storage) not disclosed

Z11710 Coquitlam Lake 1412.5 Robro Six Holdings Ltd.

Z117404 Boise Cr 208.35 Northwest Cascade Power

Z117405 Homer Cr 52.97

Z117406 Steve Cr. 42.38

Z117410 ZZ Creek 10.59 Princeton Energy Inc.

Z117438 Berkey Cr. 11.3

Z117439 Wray Cr. 32.84

Z117621 Peers Cr. 27.54

Z117981 ZZ Cr. 53.855

Hunter Cr. 53.855

Z118027 Stoyoma Cr. 55.8 Renaissance Power Corp

Z118249 South Cr. 233 St. James Enterprises Ltd.

North Vancouver Sun

Z119322 Gravell Cr. 88.3 Copeland Resources

Z119380 Nesakwatch 70.62 Link Power Management

Z120911 Wedgemount Cr. 53 28165 Yukon Inc.

Z117482 Ruby Cr. 297 Plutonic Hydro Inc.

Garnet Cr. 297

Z118255 Emory Cr. 93.58

Z118256 American Cr. 141

Z119300 Fire Lake 61.4

Z119307 Lillooet River 2189.5

Z118858 Tipella Cr. 254 Cloudworks Energy

Z1120900 Stave River 1112

Z121349 Tretheway Cr. 317.84

Z122403 Statlu Cr. 590

Z120969 Tamihi Cr. 211

Z120970 Slesse Cr. 247

Z121347 Chipmunk Cr. 64

Z121347 Trio Cr. ? Second Reality Effects Inc.

ZZ Creek

Z121348 Bremner Cr. 166

ZZ Cr. 166

We're now halfway through this list. Next Vernon and Victoria.

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See IPPWatch for a complete list viewable in Google Earth.