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Friday, February 09, 2007

Editor's Note: Peter Dimitrov has provided Freedom of Speech.ca the list of all applications made from private power generation producers and would be developers, for the right to build such hydro power generations faciltites on BCs rivers, creeks and streams. We are overwhelmed. It is just too many to put up all at once. (Plus the Java script document sent us is, for some strange reason, a major RAM consumer, and is difficult to work with and configure.) So I shall put them up, a different "Water District" set each day, in alphabetical order.

Check here each day for your home community water district, to discover what creeks, rivers and streams have application for hydro generation facilities upon them.

Also note that the water quantity figures are in feet/second, which I would assume, perhaps erroniously to be cubic feet. (If I find out later that I am wrong about this cubic ft. measure, I will correct that here later. I just don't know how else one could measure water volumes.)

Summary of Water for Power Licences for Power Generation by Water District

© Peter Dimitrov, January 26, 2007

The following, arranged by Water District, shows the disposition of water for power generation licences as of December 10, 2006.

Licence No. Stream Name Quantity Licensee

Alberni Water District:

C1033636 Zeballos Lake 353 ft/sec Zeballos Lake Hydro Ltd.

C115539 South Sutton Cr. 70.63 South Sutton Creek Hydo Inc

c/o Executive House Power

C115705 Marion Creek 35.0 Executive House Power

Marionette Cr 35.0 Executive House Power

C115710 Klitsa Cr. 35.314 Executive House Power

C116385 McKelvie Cr. 132.4 Synex Energy Resources

C116388 Cypress Cr. 183.6 Upnit Power

Z116102 Ucona Cr. 254 Synex Energy Resources

Z116224 Sanunders Cr. 134 Innergex Inc.

Z116383 Zeballos River 240 Synex

Z116387 Barr Cr. 81.2 Synex

Z117701 Tahsish River 530 Axiom Power

ZZ River 530 Axiom Power

Z118320 Craft Cr. 88.0 Ribco Leasing Ltd.

Z119130 Craft Cr. 2.5 Raging River Power & Mining

Z120707 Raging River 282/ft/sec Raging R, Power & Mining

Z121438 Victoria Lake 444.96 Synex

Z121734 Corrigan Cr. 283 Hupacasath F. Nations

Z121794 Nicholls Cr. 71 Cloudworks Energy Inc

Z121882 Zeballos Lake 494.405 Pacific Rim Power Corp

Ashcroft Water District

C1022725 Siwash Cr. 15.0 Morehead Valley Hydro

Siwash Cr. 15.0 “ “ “

Siwash Cr. 15.0 “ “ “

C114998 Enterprise Cr. 19.4 Earthgen Enterprises Inc.

Z115945 Haylmore Cr. 219 Cloudwords Energy Inc

Z115946 ZZ Cr. 138 Ledcor

ZZ Cr. 138 Ledcor

Z115947 Noel Cr. Not disclosed Ledcor

Z115947 Cadwallader Cr. Not disclosed Ledcor

Z116089 Hurley River 653 Ledcor

Z116648 Gott Cr. 123.6 Run of River Inc.

Z116900 Gun Cr. 406 Northwest Cascade Power

Z116951 Connel Cr. 23 Hydro Max Energy Inc

Atlin Water District

C109473 Iskut River 5510 ft/sec Coast Mountain Hydro Corporation

Z120055 Pine Cr. 210 Taku Land Corp

Pine Cr. (storage) 25942 Taku Land Corp

Z120374 More Cr. 2471.98 Coast Mt. Power

More Cr.(storage) 3000 “ “ “ “

Z1210774 McLymont Cr. Not disclosed Coast Mountain Power Corp

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