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Monday, February 19, 2007


Check out the anonymous comment left on the Invitation to Terry Glavin and David Beers thread..

Who dat masked man what just streaked stark naked through here?

Beauty. I believe somebody just blinked. :-)

Added note: Coming soon, a new format from Raven.


bear said...

Beauty eh... Whose the dude???

Right on anonymous...!!



Coyote said...

Like that do ya? :-)

Actually, I pulled it off a free "streaker" clip art site on the internet. I have no idea who he is.

Gotta give the sisters a little eye candy too. :-)lol

bear said...

Ooops...my appologies.

Oh man...I should learn to read:-o What I should have said is, what's with this chilly attack with so little substance 'Yote?? "Anonymous" harbors a lot of anger imo... Kinda of a pathetic dude eh?


Bear :-)

Larry Gambone said...

Nice picture of Terry Glavin!

bear said...

Hey hey,

Have you seen Terry Larry...?? BIG DIFFERENCE, trust me Lol :-D



Coyote said...

Well, that's what I was kinda trying to say with the skin pic Larry, except to be true to life, as Bear alludes to, I suspect there would have to be a lot more sag there. :-)

And I'm not claiming to be an Adonis myself. 8-D lol

Coyote said...

Glad you liked the pic Bear. lol Hope all you ladies did. :-)

lynn said...

Re: the photo

...now that's a great pair of running shoes. ;-)