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Monday, February 12, 2007

Private Company Interests Continue to Attempt
to secure Hydro Power Generation Control Over
BC Creeks, Rivers and Streams.


And yet more BC creeks, rivers and streams for which applications have been made by private interests for the right to build power generation facilities on. By now, folks reading here should be getting some idea of the dimensions of the betrayal of the public interest, land and water resources here, being given off in the name of privatization by the Gordon Campbell Lieberal Government in Victoria.

It is nothing short of staggering in its dimensions, and we are not yet half-way through the list. Which is why we have had to break it up and print it in practical, alphebetical order sections here. In a day or two, we continue with New Westminster and Vernon Districts. Each of them a huge list of rivers, creeks and streams in themselves.

Application # Water Source Quantity ft/sec Company Applicant

Kaslo Water District
Z1161667 Houser Cr. 636 3986314 Canada Inc

Z11639 East Cr. 318

Z116469 Coffee Cr. Not/disc City of Nelson

Z119998 Powder Cr. 64 Valhalla Power Corp

Z120251 Glacier Cr. 459 3986314 Canada Inc

Z121288 Woodbury Cr. 175 Hydromax Energy

Z121724 Powder Cr. 92 Hydromax Energy

Z121727 Bernard Cr. 113 Hydromax Energy

Nanaimo Water District
C116222 Tsable River 290 Innergex Inc.

C117816 South Nanaimo River 1.0 City of Nanaimo

C120302 Puntledge River 1000 BC Hydro & Power

Z116108 Georgie Lake 8252 Summit Power

(storage & power) Management

Z115440 Kokish River 936 684996 BC Ltd.

Z116108 Songhees Cr. 432.7 Summit Power

Z116221 Kaipit Cr. 413.0 Innergex Inc.

Z116228 Kokish River 222.5 Innergex Inc

Z116229 Cruickshank Riv. 230.0 Innergex Inc.

Z116944 Browns River 193.0 Hydromax Energy Ltd

Z116945 Cain Cr. 26.5

Z116946 Bigtree Cr. 62.9 ft/sec Hydromax Energy Ltd.

Z116947 Middle Memekay River 215.4

Z116948 74.1 Hydromax Energy Ltd.

Z116949 Memekay River 215.4

Z117153 Qualicum River n/disc. Fisheries & Oceans

Z118366 Pinder Cr. 530 Axiom Power

Pinder Cr. 369 Axiom Power

Z120635 Klinaklini River 100 0717016 BC Lrd

Z120672 Clint Lake 88.9 Axiom Power Inc

Clint Lake (storage) 1905.16

Z121552 Adam River 971.15 Cloudworks Energy

Z121642 Mohun Cr. 4.5

Z121888 Palmerston Cr. 105.94

Z122211 Symthe Cr. 282.5 Plutonic Power

Z122212 Fissure Cr. 565 Plutonic Power

Z122213 Stanton Cr. 918 Plutonic Power

Nelson Water District
C113306 Kootenay River 3560 Brilliant Power Corp

C117903 Kootenay River 19570 Brilliant Power Corp

C117903 L Kootenay River 19570 Brilliant Power Corp

C118722 Pingston Cr. 332 ft/sec Pingston Power

Pingston Cr. (storage) 130

F115032 L. Kootenay River 13,500 Brilliant Power Corp

F115034 L. Kootenay River 4,500 Brilliant Power Corp

F120711 Whatshan River 1,445 BC Hydro & Power

Whatshan River 1, 445 BC Hydro & Power

Z115937 Payne Cr. not/discl. J. Ankerman

Z116176 Koch Creek not/discl. Darcy A. Fear

Z116274 Fosthall Cr. Not/discl. Darcy A. Fear

Z117138 Wilson Cr. 317.8 Robro Six Hldgs.Ltd.

Z117254 Enterprise Cr. 97.11 Michael Walsh

Z117313 Enterprise Cr. 176.6 Enterprises Power Group

Z117440 Gardner Cr. 30 George E. Bergevin

Z117493 Ledge Cr. 124 Canadian Hydro Developers

Pingston Cr. Not/discl. Canadian Hydro Developers

Z117839 Shannon Cr. Not/disc. Village of New Denver

Z119006 Columbia River 175,867 Murphy Cr. Power Corp

Z119037 Pend d’Oreille River 27,000 Waneta Expansion Power


Z121291 Kuskanax Cr. 671 Hydromax Energy Ltd.

Z121725 Next Cr. 226 Hydromax Energy Ltd.

Z121726 Midge Cr. 346 Hydromax


Anonymous said...

I've only just scratched the surface of this - started at the top of your list of applications for licenses to print money with this one:


Is it any wonder the government wanted TILMA in place? We're in the middle of the biggest gold rush in this province since the middle of the 19th century. And a lot of the high graders are from Alberta.

Keep up the good work. I bet someone could put together a dossier of the future big players in both BC energy and real estate (not to mention politics) without even breaking a sweat. And I bet there will be lots of connections to Liberal politicians who are busy looking after the interests of their constituents...like Bennett.

It would be nice if we could pull a lot of this together to go to the public with when the Basi Trial starts...if there are some interesting relevations in that forum - it would be the perfect time to dump a bucket of this river mud on them, wouldn't it?

Good work my friend.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Coyote, on getting the Freedom of Speech blog rolling.

The issue of the Run of the Rivers is so huge, and so important. It hits hard, doesn't it, when you come across the name of a beloved river on that list of the doomed or degraded rivers.

My daughter is named Nadina ... the only name her parents even considered. It is borrowed from the beautiful Nadina River. She married a wonderful guy named (I am not making this up) Fraser. Just as the Nadina River finds its way into the Fraser River, there's even a street intersection in the village of Fraser Lake where Nadina Street intersects Fraser Street. But I digress.

If lands are sacred, God knows Rivers are even more sacred.

BC Mary.

lynn said...

What a tragedy...the sheer immensity of the crime that this list reveals.

In the area where I live, the proposed agreement that the Klahoose just made with Plutonic Power regarding the Toba River leaves them extremely vulnerable to the whim of these so-called green power companies....and unable to control the process in the future in favour of their own autonomy.

Big holes in the agreement, I think....FN have signed on that they will not hinder or interfere with development once the project is in place..that's a carte blanche invitation to disaster, both for them, for their future, and for the river...it gives no option to protest the course these IPP's take.

Meanwhile General Electric, having just made a major investment in the project must be drooling over what the future holds for them....eventually, if they wait it out, these american companies will own and control all the rights to these rivers.

I hope First Nations have better lawyers than these independent power companies, lawyers that are able to detect the sinister subterfuge going on by these mean/green power companies... but from the few details being released it does not bode well.

Thanks for this, Coyote, and to Peter as well for all his diligent research.

Coyote said...

"f lands are sacred, God knows Rivers are even more sacred." BC Mary.

You know it. We all crawled out of the sea at a long distant primordial time, and still need to take it into our bodies regularly, and we can't never get too far from it. If Earth is Mother, then water is the womb.

And Lynn, I was looking and didn't discover a Powell River Water District. Then it occurred to me, I know land is in the New Westminster Land District, and it occurs to me that waterways likely come under New Westminster as well. Not?

"I hope First Nations have better lawyers than these independent power companies, lawyers that are able to detect the sinister subterfuge going on by these mean/green power companies... but from the few details being released it does not bode well." Lynn.

Amen to that. Et moi. And the new neocon period, if it has done nothing else, it has set even, maybe especially "outsiders" of "The System", like Natives, into panic mode, fearful that they are going to have entirely everything alienated from them. And a legitimate fear.

And no doubt, Natives are human too, and will doubtless have amongst them, those whose own "greed instincts" such as capitalism encourages in everyone, with dollar signs flashing in their eyes.

A very troubling time, thanks to these neocon fuktards, almost no matter in which direction one looks-, save for these assholes and their precious "paper shuffling" markets, stacked to produce a profit just about no matter what happens to the "other end". Though that's not really true either, and they are playing with fire even for themselves and their own interests.

You choke down too much on the broad working class, you are choking down as well on your precious "consumer", who is the final lynchpin in the market system of capitalism. Go too far and they kill the goose that lays the golden egg.