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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Okay, that was fun playing around with Beers' head
yesterday,though it was at the expense of getting
some new stuff up here.Still, I have to get back to
taking care of things here.

All you good folks who spoke up on my behalf in the
Mair's Tyee thread, I thank ye. Right here. It got me right here. (Tapping his heart.) Which was the greatest experience of Tyee for me, actually; the good folks I have come in contact with, and is the real source of some nostalgia, and the only sense of loss I really feel about the way things went down on Tyee.

But eh..... that's life, right!! And lots of folks all over the world suffer way more than that for their vision and ideas about the future, and their efforts to transform the human condition. In that context, this is really dick.

Now, for me, back to Freedom of Speech.ca.

And don't forget to drop back in once in awhile to check us out, and drop the odd comment. And write for us if, when and as the spirit moves you. :-)



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