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Saturday, February 10, 2007

More BC Rivers and Streams for Which There Are Private Power Generating Facility Applications.

Watch here daily for rivers and streams in your community district for which there are applications and intentions to build private power generating facilities. The betrayal of the public's interest and right to know continues on the part of the Gordon Campbell Lieberal Government.

Licence No. Stream Name Quantity Licensee

Caribou Water District:

Z121410 Stikine River 50,000ft/sec Cloudworks Energy

Z121922 Sphaler Cr. Not disclosed Cloudwords Energy

C115940 Cacoohtin Cr. 32 Colin McMillan

Z116576 Morehead Cr. 3 Morehead Valley Hydro

Z120544 Atnarko River 16.7 Central Coast Power Corp

Z120809 Noosgulch River 360.06 “ “ “

Z121239 Iskesumkah Lake 65.0 445026 BC Ltd.

Z121240 Nascall Lake 65 “ “ “

Fernie Water District:

C119823 Bull River 1063 BC Hydro & Power

F120603 Elk River 900 BC Hydro & Power

F120650 Bull River 351 BC Hydro & Power

Grand Forks Water District

C104343 Kettle River 3178 Powerhouse Developments

Golden Water District

F120903 Spilimacheen River 300 BC Hydro & Power

Z117624 Kicking Horse River not disclosed Terreton Hydro Corp

Z120871 Blaeberry River 1765.73 Remote Structures Inc

Z121020 Cedar Cr. 3.0 R. Peter Smith

Hazelton Water District

Z117152 Fulton River 240 Dept of Fisheries & Oceans

Z117972 Sedan Cr. 160 Mark Starlund

Z119099 Chimdemash Cr. 5.2 574768 BC Lrd.

Z119103 Kleanza Cr. 353.4 574768 BC Ltd.

Z122169 Boulder Cr. Not disclosed Kingston Assoc Consulting

Kamloops Water District

C117434 Serpentine Cr. 141 ft/sec Valisa Energy

C117823 Whitewater Cr. 12.4 Flett Forestry Ltd.

Whitewater Cr. (storage) 6.5 “ “ “

Z117077 Adolph Cr. 98.9 Hydromax Energy Ltd

Z117078 Allan Cr. 151.9 “ “ “

Z117286 Victor Cr 2000 Canadian Hydro Developers

Z119134 Bone Cr. n/disc “ “

Z119135 Clemina Cr. n/disc “ “

Z119136 Finn Cr. n/disc “ “

Z119137 Gum Cr. n/disc “ “

Z119138 Hellroar Cr. n/disc “ “

Z120678 White River n/disc “ “

Z120679 Moonbeam Cr. n/disc “ “

Z120681 Dominion Cr n/disc “ “

Z121007 Crazy Cr. n/disc “ “

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