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Friday, February 16, 2007

Now, check out that weather, ehh?

The tide (of winter) turned here today. The long, slow run to spring has begun in Revelstoke. On our balcony at least, (the Mrs. having moved me into one of those "condo" thingys) it got up to better than 10 C today, and all could sense the cusp of a change occurring. Spring has begun its irrevocable movement northward, to our climes.

Now we could get nailed by a sudden surprise yet, for sure, we are still on the cusp, and it may seem like it is going to remain winter forever-, but the change has begun. :-)

And ehhhh, check out those "hit stats" in the right hand column, the same one as my "links". They ain't no rip roaring hell, but ehh... I thought maybe there was only one or two folks reading this site about every third day. :-) (And ehh, check out those folks sites in my links. They's all "Ace" people. Blood tested everyone.)

The only thing that could be sweeter is a two foot peter. lol


bear said...

Hey 'Yote,

Much warmer here too bud. Many more outdoors activities coming up soon, soon, yahoooo! :-)

Hit stats will be rising even more once those questioning information junkies tap in to "Freedoms" wit and intelligence, as it is an addictive little site :-)

Well, goin' out for a trail jog with my 10 year old puppy. It's the way she looks at me in the morning, those eyes :) She keeps me consistent...

By the way, those "condo thingys" are o.k. You'll be fine., just be sure to get out to the woods often, but I think you know this... :-)

Rock on 'Yote,


George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

Coyote said...


Ya see, I was such a spoiled male for most of mine and the Mrs life together, we're now in a place, stage of life-wise, where she has to get her way once in awhile. So yeah, the condo is slright, and I'm still handy enough to the country I love that it's not a problem-, and still being small town, no traffic jams getting to there. (She still spoils me pretty good too. Which I need. :-)

But getting to your "trail jog"; I've still been riding my bike all winter, given the better than total 12 ft fall of snow we've had this winter, and the terrible job of the "City" getting even the roads cleared. Though I did get skunked, as in "bicycle bound", a few days of more extreme conditions.

Yesterday though, despite some huge pools of street water, the streets were down to pavement for the most part, and I got in a really good long ride-, considering you can't still get off the roads for mucho feet of snow.

And eh, I like the George Orwell quote. I'm gonna have to use it myself. True, ain't it?

kootcoot said...

Now I recall you mentioning something about endowment the first time I came to the renewed freedomofspeech place. Now today I run into something that looks like sketch notes from the Plaster Casters, and I have to wonder if this site is becoming too penile! btw I measure mine using GPS.

It's getting to be over the winter hump here too, which means I've gotta get busy. Lucky you living in a condo, are you gonna run cattle on the deck?

Been busier than in ages over at the House of Ill Repute. At this rate I'll just be typing day and night when the trial starts, maybe I'll live blog it like FireDogLake at the Libby Trial - it would sure be a cool thing to do.

Coyote said...


"Lucky you living in a condo, are you gonna run cattle on the deck?"

I thought I would really hate it; living in a condo. And it is kind of boring, in and of itself, no doubt. Though actually it's not the cattle I miss so much, though that too, as it is having a horse, but especially raising pigeons. Birmingham Rollers were my little specialty-, purely for relaxation and fun, and the delight of watching them fly, and fall rolling out of the sky-, catching themselves and swooping off again.

But that said, it's okay. Definitely the nicest place we ever lived in, from merely the appearance of things I suppose. Mostly shacks or little more were our typical fare, and for which I still have a soft spot. And I look west off the balcony, with a view to the Monashee Mountains and the sun setting over them, and the Columbia River.

But it's time, free time, that is what I really get out of it. Sometimes more than I'd prefer, but that's just a matter of learning to fill it up. (Which is, in part, why I cook and bake more now, I think. No, for sure.)

Indeed, a place to get penile, brother. :-) In good time, in good time. :-)

Coyote said...

And, for your information, I am "endowed" with many finer qualities. :-)

Such dirty minds so many of you folks have. :-)

bear said...

...Hey 'Yote, you need Condo Roller Pigeons, there just small, kinda condo sized, :-D Lol, kiddin' bud. I have been fasinated by the Roller Pigeon since I saw a show on them a few years ago. They would be a beautiful thing to watch in real life... I totally get it :-)

Condo livin' does seem to redefine ones existence, but often that is a good thing, and hey, as you know so well, the forests and mountains are always there calling...Cool.

Have a good one "Yote,