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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Freedom of Expression Committee (FOE)

Press Release

Feb 6, 2007, Powell River, BC

*Announcing the Formation of the Committee for Freedom of Expression (FOE)
* A committee of citizens concerned about preserving freedom of expression and free press in Powell River was formed on February 1, 2007. The committee's mandate is to raise funds to help the "Watchdog", Patricia Aldworth, with legal expenses incurred by the libel suit brought against her by Dave Formosa.

The Watchdog, an email newsletter has provided a needed critical analysis and satire of local government politics.

"Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right that is essential to honesty in politics. I want to ensure that Patricia receives all the resources she needs for a fair trial." said Dr. Michael Thoms.

Stay tuned for information about an upcoming Benefit Bash for the Watchdog. To get involved email foe@ourpowellriver.com <mailto:foe@ourpowellriver.com> or call (604) 483-9008 or
(604) 485-2466.

contact: Marjorie Milliken 604 483-9008


superstar said...
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Coyote said...

Above was an advertisement for a rock group based, I gather, in Paris. :-)

lynn said...

Bravo to all involved, especially to Patricia Aldworth for the courage displayed in her citizen watchdog site.

Thanks Freedom of Speech.ca for noting this here.

Coyote said...

Which reminds me Lynn. As hopefully Freedom of Speech.ca sets up and gathers some momentum and readers, I want to know about all the community movements and groups of BC and the country here. You folks send me your story and info, and I well get it up here. You got something you want to say, an article you want to write, or a picture of yourselves, just send it along here to the old Coyote, and I will have it up.

It ain't what's happening so much with the educated strata (alone) or the business class politicos and their lawyers that is important here, but what's going on out there on the streets of our cities, in our small towns, farms and working places that's going to make or break this country. It depends on what y'all is doin' or not doing.

As for the ruling class of the country, and the US Empire Loyalists who are working for the US takeover of the country as well, they can be dealt with-, if and when folks are in motion defending their own communities, jobs, our mighty and beautiful lands and resources, and people interests.

That's the real job that has to be done.