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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Open Invitation to Terry Gavin and David Beers

David Beers is the editor of the online magazine Tyee, for the benefit of those many who may well not know. He is the one responsible, presumably, as the editor, for banning yours truly from commenting there. Terry Gavin is the "journalist", and the writer of an article critical of "the left" in whose comment thread I was banned, and who on his own blog has been much critical of myself and many other commenters on Tyee. Which is my view of it and them in any case. We can argue the minutia of it.

My own view is that they themselves are more representative of what has of recent years at least, passed for the "watered down" left in this country, such as I would call the "left lite" or "dietary left", tending to pro-US and pro-Israel on especially Middle East issues for example. Though Beers himself, until recently a US citizen, and maybe still, I don't know, doesn't actually say much of anything that one can get a handle on. Both however, in their actions and style, again from my perspective, evidence a much "older left" authoritarian style, tending to show a marked preference for dealing "administratively" with critics-, through deleting and banning etc.

But then, it can be some reasonably argued that is my view of these dudes.

So, I here offer an open invitation to both these opponents in substance and style to mine, to singly or together write their own views of these matters of our difference, and I will put such article(s) up here-, as written by them; unedited, uncensored and uncut, with full freedom to say what they want and how they want, in whatever street or educated language they wish. Thereafter, in the ensuing comment thread(s), I will restrict myself but to one responding comment and leave the matter to such of you as may read and wish to comment here.

You have my word Terry and David. And I ask or expect nothing from either of you in your online blogs in return.

Yours Truly


Anonymous said...

I guess "freedom of speech" really means you are free to spew this sort of idiotic drivel. Fortunately, it also means people are also free to ignore it as the ranting of an idiot.

Coyote said...

Ehhhhh, how are you guys doing behind that mask of anonimity, you so decry other folks use of? :-)

Great fun. Glad ya dropped in.

Larry Gambone said...

Love those Nonnymice! Drop in leave an insult and off again in a cloud of poop. How indeed is anything Coyote has written "idiotic drivel"? You might disagree, but then present your facts, my pathetic little mouse. Of course, insulting people rather than rational argument is a favorite trick of Nonnymice, most particularly the sub species, (emphasis on the sub) the Neoconnymouse. I should also point out that mice are a favorite meal of Coyotes!

Coyote said...

We eat 'em up and poop 'em out, eh Larry. :-)

Though this one's scarcely a meal. Pretty wasted critter, if you ask me. All pretentions and no substance.

Y'all come back now sometime, when you actually have something to say.