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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Freedom of Speech.ca

This site is inspired by the need for a new order of web site, certainly say, compared to Tyee.ca, which has failed at it in my view, committed to fully unrestricted freedom of speech and the clash of ideas. So, left, right or whatever, if you are of tender sensibilities and require a filter between you and all the variations of the truth that exist out there in the real world of politics and ideas, and both the street and educated class variations of the language as people actually speak it, this site is not for you. For what we offer here is access to the unvarnished clash of ideas and views, without restriction. The only requirement being that you are actually prepared to defend what you advocate here.

No censorship of any kind will occur here. This is a complete free zone for those who dare. (The idea model for the site I actually unashamedly stole from the suggestion of a fine woman-, a Mary person, who may wish to remain anonymous. :-)

Welcome, ye of stout constitutions, volatile ideas, and a readiness to engage in the unrestricted pursuit of the truths and realities of our age. (A concept justifying a little hype.)

Photo: The Young Communards in Prison (From the Paris Commune uprising.)



Anonymous said...

Now that's a pleasant thought Coyote - no censorship. The hammering of Beers is continuing at Tyee by the way. You should drop into the Glavin thread to see the long list of admirers your banishment has flushed out of the woods and into the open.

I don't know if Beers will relent but he must be feeling a little embarrassed by all this.

Well done brother.

G West

bear said...

Hey 'Yote... I really like your new colors bro. Beautiful :-)

No censorship, perfect!! There can't be censorship in a search for TRUTH, it's a contradiction really. Looking forward to the future my friend :-) Onward and upward, as they say, but I am still steaming over your banishment... We'll see how it all unfolds. I agree G, Beers, at the very least will be embarrassed by all this, but his actions were disgusting.

As G said, well done 'Yote,

Peace, Bear

Larry Gambone said...

Good show. I have mentioned Freedom of Speech.ca at the Tyee in the Glavin thread as well as my own blog. Got something on social democracy in the can that I can post later,too

Mike said...

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